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TSH over 100

Mar 30, 2010 - 3 comments




My last TSH report came back. I am now officially off the charts. >100 (greater than 100) I am able to do the RAI they said so that is good. I am just hoping that I feel better soon. I can't believe how bad I feel at this moment. I heard all the stories, they told me it would only get worse after week 3...but when it hits REALLY hits you. RAI is set for 4/2. Tomorrow I take a pill, thursday I do the full body scan and then Friday RAI.

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1058524 tn?1285190840
by Justi_has_a_booboo, Mar 31, 2010
I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck, you are almost there! We're super proud of how tough and brave you have been. A few more days and you get to go back on your medication, and life starts getting to feeling much better.

1182559 tn?1305791588
by DianaLozano, Apr 01, 2010
Thank you. They told me I would feel like crap...but I didn't realize just how bad it would be! I shower and get ready for the day and it just completely floors me for the rest of the day. I managed to pull myself out of bed at around 5pm today. It's just rediculous. I am hoping to feel better sooner than later. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Together we can get throught this.

535882 tn?1396580285
by kl42, Apr 01, 2010
hang in Diana, it gets better, Kevin

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