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Yes, I'm still angry

Mar 31, 2010 - 2 comments

If you let me get started, I take off in a whirlwind of swears and anger. Ranting. I'm just mad.

However, I've been taken over by a fit of the summer giggles. I have no idea why since the weather has been bad. Maybe it's cause I'm murdering the Harry Potter books, maybe it's becasue I saw my whole school band together for the first time in living memory against one cause, maybe it's just because I had cake for breakfast. And lunch.

I'm loud and I like it. It's been bubbling for days and it's finally fizzing over the sides of my skull. I will be worth knowing.

My teacher has been forced into retirement. And everyone knows it. The assistant principal had the nerve to come into our class and try to tell us our teacher had basically just gotten this offer for a good package and snatched it up, and it had been his idea to not come back and tell us about it. No way in hell. I'd sooner believe the world was really flat. He gave no warning, he just wasn't there on Monday. He wouldn't of cancelled our college field trip. He wouldn't have left us out of the blue with half the semester left. He wouldn't have left his kids at all. That's who we are, we're his kids. And this is ********. He wouldn't have agreed to never come back unless he wasn't given a choice. The VERY least he would do would be to come back and talk to us, explain the real story to us and let us know things are really going to be ok. My class went into an uproar as soon as the principal closed the door behind him. Lunch was so loud. I felt dazed and a bit nauseas. We were blindsided. This just isn't fair.

And look, I did it again. I took off and I need to stop. And just hope things will be better. Accept it? Oh, no. This is not over. Not in the least. But we can still hope something good is possible, can't we? Or have we sunk to a lower level of hell here?

I went to YAP and it was fun. I felt like I was amped up and I laughed and wasn't thinking right and it was great. I ate cake and cracked up and well, it was just good. Catch Phrase was so fun. I don't even know how to explain it all.

Went back to Shei's. I can't wait to spend time with her this weekend =]. Her house is on it's way to becoming an island again. Well on it's way. Steve came to pick me up in his dad's truck and I was so scared he would slide or get stuck in the water my heart was racing. But we made it home and ate and played Kingdom Hearts! Yay! It got late fast and now I'm home.

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1252322 tn?1270553169
by whallingswifey, Apr 06, 2010
Why did they force him to retire?

908149 tn?1248716219
by Krisiness, Apr 07, 2010
Us kids actually like him, and he gives a damn what happens to us kids. I guess that sounds like a sortof immature answer, but I guess I go to an immature school. He tries to help his students pass instead of trying to get them to fail. Letting us use notes on tests (We take them on our own, if we don't, then that's our own fault), gives many options for extra credit for us to show things we've learned that we aren't being tested on. Every little thing. Because he doesn't teach like moldy bread in the sun they don't want him.

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