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Really Pissed

Jul 19, 2008 - 1 comments

Okay well for a minute my babys father and I had everything straightend out and everything was going great. Well today he calls and tells me that one of my "friends" told hem that the whole time we've been together Ive been cheating on him and that Im nasty. Okay for one all my "friends" deserted me after I had gotten preg. so I cant think of who this could be and for two I have NEVER cheated on him and he's the ONLY guy Ive ever been with so how could I be nasty. So know he really doesnt want anything to do with me or my daughter and will not listen to word I have to say. Honestly I dont know what to do. I know I have to suck up my feelings because of my daughter but I cant help but to be sad... I mean I love this boy so much. We've been together for so long for him to just blow everything on something thats completly untrue and to believe some girl over me just isnt right. Part of me thinks he is just making it up because he doesnt want to be with me because I know I did nothing wrong during the years we've been together. ANd I asked him to let both of us talk to this girl face to face and get this straightened out and he says no. So now Im stuck. Im about to start school and my daughter will be going to the nursery right across the street and we have NO ride home because he was going to pick us up and now Im here with no car no job and no money. Everythings so messed up.

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by Cheyenne_08, Jul 19, 2008
Sounds like things are pretty tough! Keep your head up and keep trying :)

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