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Apr 02, 2010 - 2 comments

I've had an allergy attack all week and I've felt exhausted.  I've been having alot of tingling/burning, esp in my right foot.  It's annoying, yes.  My elbow is killing me.  I've tried everything for it and keep my brace on until I lay down at night.  I don't feel like this second antibiotic regimen is doing anything for me.  I'm on the end of my 2nd week and it just feels like the old days with Lyme, just more recent days I should say.  

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by JackieCalifornia, Apr 03, 2010
Is it a Herx?

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by Hope75, Apr 09, 2010
Hi Jackie, I think it may be, but I don't know because I had been off antibiotics for over a week at that point.  I'm 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off with abx.  I am back on them this week, but wow, I am soooooo fatigued and have brain fog.

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