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RAI day 1

Apr 02, 2010 - 3 comments



radioactive iodine


RAI 131 radioactive iodine


Thyroid Cancer

So I recieved my dose today of RAI-131. Not a high dose from what I was told. They gave me 102. I was expecting the Dr to come in the room wearing a Homer Simpson spaceman suite but he didn't. He brought me a canister that looked like a soda can. Asked me to lift it to show me that it weighed 50 pounds. "Wow, that's a heavy pill" I said. Then he said, Im gonna drop the pill in this cup then run away as fast as I can. The supervisor will walk you out. Guess she's not as freaked out about it as him.  pretty much as soon as I got home from the hospital I fell asleep. Rigged up my bedroom so the cats can not come in and sleep with me..they are gonna hate that! The Dr said it shouldn't be too dangerous for my cats since they don't live to be 50 years old, but I don't want to take my chances. Call me selfish for wanting to be the ONLY one in my household with cancer. Sorry Kitties. :)

So far so good, I like wearing the gloves, even though they told me I didn't have to I just feel more comfortable wearing them when touching things others will have to touch in 7 days. But it does make it difficult to type

I have been sucking on my sour candies but my jaws are starting to become really painful. Just at the jaw joints. Is there a way to get rid of this? I get to eat normal food tomorrow... I am most excited about SUSHI AND CHEESE.. Oh happy day! Then on Sunday I get to take my levotrhoid! It feels almost too good to be true....almost.

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291645 tn?1445342170
by mw1943, Apr 02, 2010
Hello Diana, I and my two sisters was also dx. with pap. thy. ca.Only myself and my youngest sis had a total and went through I-131. Be sure to flush out your system by drinking LOTS of fluids...constantly have your water with you. you will sleep alot...and that is good sence you are isolated. Prayers and well wishes your way. Margie

535882 tn?1396580285
by kl42, Apr 02, 2010
hi Diana, hang in there your almost through this.  then you'll be on the road back. !!!! think the weather getting nice . you'll be feeling better.  but i guess the weather is always nice in California. lol im in NJ so were glad the winters over.  so hang in there, Kevin

1058524 tn?1285190840
by Justi_has_a_booboo, Apr 02, 2010
drink drink drink lots of water, challenge yourself to drink as much as you can.

good for you protecting the kitties :) if you read my mad rambling journal entries during my 100mci RAI treatment you know how i feel about doctors and how odd it is they freak out at being by someone eating the rai pill, but say it's fine to go home and get it all over the things you love.

sours...lots...suck, drool, rinse and spit as often as you can when you are awake. it is your salivary glands that will begin hurts more than your jaw if you do not keep flushing them out. the rai likes to settle in the glands and build up.

sleep is bliss now, enjoy :) then lots of long showers :)

ohh and uhm keep your bowels moving as much as you can. being hypo keeps them slow moving and you don't want that rai hanging out in your belly. (sorry im a mom and a wife...nag nag nag is what i do best)

we're all proud of you! That first dose of Levothyroid (I call it my lexy) is so mmm mmm gooooooooooooood!

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