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RAI Day 2.

Apr 03, 2010 - 0 comments

Had a really tough time sleeping last night. watched a few movies and eventually fell asleep around 4am. Just couldn't get comfortable, my neck hurt a little and my jaws were still kind of sore.  However I did sleep until 5pm. Right now I'm not in any pain. Strange thing is I was craving a normal diet...but today woke up with hardly any apetite at all. decided to make a little something, but only had a few bites. I think my taste buds are slowly fading away. :( which I was afraid of. On the bright side...Five more days to go! My cats are starting to feel neglected. They are acting like todlers, holding onto my legs as I walk into a room. Not wanting to leave my side. Poor things,I wish I could coudle with them and have them sleep next to me. I'll be sure they get some extra pampering when this is all over.  

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