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kidney stents and removal side effects

Jul 20, 2008 - 1 comments

I had surgey about 1 yr ago for kidney stone. since I have had the procedure I have exp. incontince a very bad case of It I have been to my doctor witch put me on bladder control meds even a specialist who gave me a different kind of bladder control meds . however they are not working either. I have had stones in the past w/ no surgey I had three kids c-cetion w/ no problems. since the removal of my stent i can not control myself passing urine hardly @all could this be from the stent Im confused and do not no what to do pls help no one is helping me and it is getting worse.

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by princesssilvergirl, May 18, 2014
I had a 6mm stone at the top of my uriture, when then broke it up w the laser they left a stent. They said I was almost sespic and gave me antibotics for two weeks. I'm suppost to get the stent out tomorrow, but I'm still hurting unless Im lying down.Also I am still passing a lot of blood, which is worst when I stand up or walk.The pain is very bad! My son graduates this week from high school. Will I feel better once the stent is removed tomorrow?

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