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I dont get BBTs!

Apr 04, 2010 - 2 comments

Right, I got woken by my alarm, so I pulled my phone out from under my pillow and pressed snooze.d Then my second alarm at the end of my bed on the blanket box went off, so I leaned across and turned that off. I laid back down again, got the thermometer from under my pillow and put it in my mouth. Was pretty sleepy, and realised after ten seconds I mouth was half open (lol), so panicked I would get a lower temperature by it getting cold. Took about a minute, and it was ready.


WHAT?! How can it have gone up? So i tested again after kinda shouting it out loud. Two more attmpets saw it come out at 36. Suggesting my temperature was the same that it has been for a couple of days.

So I didnt know what to put on my chart, and just went with the first reading. I dont know what to think!

My boyfriend came home from shopping last night, and presented me with a Clear Blue Digital with an excited little puppy grin on his face. I told him i'm certain I'm not pregnant, how can I be? And that we should save such an expensive test for a month when maybe I was getting regular  faint positives or something.

Help! I've been late before, I dont wanna waste this test, or get my hopes my what point should I think more about this...when my next cycle should start??? I'm 19DPO, with cramps which are now occasionaly rather than most of the day, for about 10 minutes or so. And they're intense rather than the low but sharpish pain associated with periods that are about to start. >sigh< I'm not pregnant, so what's going on.

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by onyxangel, Apr 04, 2010
Yikes lol mean BF lol Test again on Wed. I still say a doctor's appointment is your best option :) My bbt's have been really strange as mine fluctuate within seconds of each reading. So I always do the average of 3-4 consecutive readings. I look like a nutter with a thermometer and Calculator by my bedside lmao.

I can see this is wrecking your head... and I'm sorry about that. I'd def either  do the new test or do the wed. call for dr. or just go on a walkin' basis?

:) Good luck girly and keep us posted.

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by frequent_tester, Apr 04, 2010 wait until wednesday me thinks...I'm definitely going to mention that i got a positive..thats the only way they'll do a blood test otherwise...but i dunno...I just have to hope the other tests I got were rubbish at picking it up! Really tempted to do the digital test...but I'm just worried it'll be a waste! No cramps today...just a bit of a sicky feeling that came and went >sigh<. I've been up to CD35 thats my best bet....

Yes it is messing with my head!I dunno whether my temps are high or not cause of that big dip! Stupid female reproductive system...

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