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twilight movie makes a difference!

Apr 04, 2010 - 0 comments



twilight movie


true hope



That was hard, 5 mood changes in one day.
Morning was a a continuation of the horror that yesterday was becoming. But then got up early, and the girls were awake so we hid the eggs for Daddy to find (so cute) - and then when he came out to look for them they would run and get them from their hiding places and give them to him! then they couldn't remember where they had hidden the last few so it actually turned into a real easter egg hunt for them. Then slept (again) and dragged myself out to see Q and E. But we scootered which was AWESOME (no extra charge) and it felt good to be active and out in the sunshine with all these other families at this great park etc. hang out most of the day which was fairly reasonable, finding it very difficult to connect with Q over the last few months however. Came home and crashed. Told B to go to post centenary celebrations with F (S was asleep) -which I SO needed. Watched tragic Twilight movie (#1) and am feeling heaps more together. Phew.

BTW also read in the Aust science magazine at E's place a brief teaser article about the effects of diet on depression. Could totally support K's theory re. "True Hope" etc.

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