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Chest pain

Apr 05, 2010 - 3 comments

Oh my god it was an awful night. I was in agony for hours. It was like something was sitting on my chest, and made it hard t breathe easily and pain in my upper back. it just came from nowhere when I was laying down. I thought maybe I'd eaten too much, but it wasnt heartburn, but like my diaphragm was trying to kill me! i've had this once or twice befor,e about a year ago and I was in tears until 4am trying to sleep through it. I got to sleep at around 3am ish..and was up at 8am to do my temp. I dunno what it is...I know its associated with an anxiety attack...but i dont know why i was anxious about laying down!

Its a horrible feeling and I knew exactly what would happen and that it would be agonising. Horrible!

No AF, temp drop...neg HPT again. i give i bought a new baby car instead! =-]

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by onyxangel, Apr 05, 2010
I now EXACTLY!!!!! what you are talking about every time you breathe in it's was almost bringing me to tears.. I never figured it out but it lasted DAYS!!! sooo it's asscociated with anxiety huh? interesting.
Hope your feeling a bit better and congrats on the car.

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by frequent_tester, Apr 05, 2010
yup, no idea why, but is horrible! Really scary, and the boyf just fell asleep again so I suffered in silence!

I just wanna ovulate again...i hate not knowing what the hell my body thinks its playing at! =-]

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by Kld2009, Jan 08, 2016
This morning I had a sharp pain in my left chest awake me. I thought it was just had so I ignored it only for a moment because I couldn't fall back to sleep. I got up & in standing didn't feel disoriented. Went to the bathroom & just peed. About time I made it back to bed the pain was completely gone. I've never had that happened before.

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