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Apr 05, 2010 - 3 comments

lets try this again!

i have this cyst on the cleft of my buttcheeks..its a pilonidal cyst.. i got it back in november for the first time....then again in janurary and now its april and its coming back... so in the past 5 months i have has 3 flare ups.....not good numbers... usually it will get swollen , but to the point that i cant sit down, cant bend over, and can barely sit on toliet to pee....eventually it will get so big that it will pop... i included pics of the last times i got it...not this bad yet but getting there.....

i have been to a general surgeron and he said "well it could come back, or it could never come back..i dont know"..."u could do the surgery but there is still a small chance it could come back"....ugggggggggg

and this surgery is not the prettiest....they tape your butt cheeks open...slice you ALL the way to the tailbone and clean it all out..then they LEAVE A HOLE at the end of your tailbone to drain.....the dr said healing time is about 2-4 months that they hole will be there.....i mean you can see the layers of skin the hole is that serious!....

im about to finish school in 4 weeks and should be switching jobs, and sitting on a dental stool all day.... so if im going to do it it needs to be now, while i have insurance and a job that will let me take the time off to get the surgery.... but without the word that it wont come back .....and the general anesthesia .....its just scary

what should i do???

p.s....i had a pic of my purple tailbone and MH deleted it.... they said cause of the photo... i posted in a private group and they deleted it... im just shocked....from what i understand this is a medical website for answer to symptoms and other people with the same problem.... but how come im getting in trouble for askin.....this pic is just showing my tailbone and all the swelling.. nothing else... not even close to my anus.....but if you go to the STD community they have ALOT of pics of penis with desease and other things going on ...

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by raquelplus2, Apr 05, 2010
girl i think you shld get it done asap. cause i mea even if it does come back yoy will be ok for awhile uno. plus i think you shld get a 2nd opinion def first. talk to sum people n get diff medical advice thn go from there  but if your in that much pain i would get itover with now rather than later uno?? hang in there b strong relax  

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by teko, Apr 05, 2010
I have heard of these things, and understand they can be a recurring problem for sure. I agree about getting a second opinion and if the say do the sx, then go for it. Your right in that you now have insurance and can take the time needed. I would get it done while you can. Sounds so very painful.

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by turkee23, Apr 06, 2010
yea i got another opinion and everyone says get the surgery.... just crazy reading these horror stories online about these people getting the surgery and it still comes jeeeez!,.... but the lady i worked with had it 30 years ago and it never came back and my teacher had it 5 years ago and it also never came back, so im guessing that thse other people's doctors didnt get the whole thing, or that they didnt do good after care....

thanks for you help..... yea im in pain and its not even swollen yet ... this might be a bad one!

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