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Second Time Around: Buspar

Apr 06, 2010 - 0 comments

HEY HEY HEY! Ok so i went to my doctors today and told him that i wanna try that buspar one last time. and i also told him i wanna take it easy...start off slow then work my way up. So he went for it! yay! im taking 15mgs once a day for one week then 30mg's twice a day there after. which i hope it all works out. im ready to get this anxiety crap under control.
Oh by the way, i took my pill around 1:30am and its 3:49am now...and everythings good. im trying to keep it in my head that its all ME! im also trying to keep myself away from looking at the side effects again..which is one thing thats hard for me to do. us ppl with anxiety HAVE to know what can happen. Then we freak ourselves out and have every damn symptom that we read cuz the mind is a tricky tricky piece of work. it can make u do, feel, see, etc.. things that arent really there. Its genius..but dang..why?! lol.
Anyways..i freaking tired. so i hope u all who read this can understand what im saying. im about to crash!
Have a good one everybody.

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