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37.5 Weeks

Apr 06, 2010 - 1 comments






18 days to go on the ticker!!

I'm feeling pretty great for being up 40 pounds and having a belly that's the size of a huge watermelon.. and just as hard.  ;P  

We had a huge bbq for a bunch of friends yesterday.. cooking all day to prepare and then entertaining into the wee hours... it was awesome to see everyone and to eat super tasty food.  

Probably the last time we'll have everyone over for a while..  being on my feet all day & night made them swell.. and by the end of the night, most people were getting drunk and annoying (annoying the preggo seemed to be pretty easy by that point though..).. cleaning the house today also seems like a pretty daunting task since everyone wore their shoes inside and one person brought their huge dog.  sheesh. :/

I think that this is pretty common at this point.. but I'm getting asked every single day, by different people, when I'm due, how I'm feeling (asked with sad puppy eyes) and what I'm doing with all of my free time..  family and friends (and even work acquaintances) have been pretty vocal about their plans to come visit right after the baby is born... to which I immediately reply that we've got a 2 week rule.. and even after that, if they show up, they have to bring food and be prepared to clean something. Hahaha... let's see if that rule works out.. ;D

We've also just gotten new upstairs neighbours.. and I'm wondering if I should warn them about the incoming noise box... ?  I plan on labouring at home with my doula team as far as possible (which might not be so quiet.. with our thin walls) and then bringing home a newborn in the next few weeks.  

I've got a regular doctors appointment tomorrow morning and have been asked to have my birth plan ready to go over with her... I'm pretty excited to be this close and going through these last official steps. I'm re-reading The Birth Partner (and so is dh).. trying to focus most on the parts about early labour signs and how they progress.  

Needing something to distract myself from the waiting part is also key.. so today I'm signed up for a talk on macrobiotics with my old workmates.. should be fun.. and good to see them!  Plus, the walk downtown should be great (hoping that the rain holds off).

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by Ladybugbc, Apr 06, 2010
Ooooh La La... whoa!! 37.5 wks already? Yikes, your baby might be here next week or even today!!  ha ha!!
I believed you when you said you were going to post an update before going into labor.

It's amazing you still can walk. I find it really hard now and it feels like some thing is stuck between my legs all the time.
ha ha.. But I try my best to walk as much as I can.

I love your 2week rule and hope your friends will remember that when they are visiting the baby.


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