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After Easter Blahs

Apr 06, 2010 - 0 comments














I've eaten way too much candy over the last few days.. not to mention all the PMS eating I've done. Carbs, carbs, carbs. I haven't even wanted to weigh myself... scared to see the number. I am hoping the candy is gone from the house today... I'm going grocery shopping today, so going to pick up high protein low carb stuff again and get back on the wagon. I do so well on a reduced carb diet and my body can't handle the sugar anyway, so I really need to find a way to make it a lifelong habit. It's going to be hard, but maybe after some time it will get easier. I tend to crave the serotonin response from eating carbs, so I might need to up my antidepressants in the beginning to make up for the lake of self medication that comes from carb eating.

Today I'm a bit depressed and overwhelmed, so I'm not taking any action today other than planning for the rest of the week. Getting healthy foods at the store will be a good step, since if it's not here, I can't eat it. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. When I feel blue or physically ill, I tend to overeat more, or just not care what I eat and whether it's bad for me or not. Devil may care attitude.

Praying for a better tomorrow.

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