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37.5 weeks and long walks..

Apr 07, 2010 - 0 comments








Hahaha.. oh man.. so, we walked down to the doc's appointment this morning.. which takes about 15 minutes.. and I had a pretty good waddle on.  I think that I slept a bit funny because my hips feel stiff.. but the walk seemed to loosen them up a bit.  Doc's went super well, as usual.. she confirmed that the baby hasn't dropped yet.. and that everything is still very much on track.. still measuring bang on for dates and by her scale, I lost a kilo since my last visit (where my weight had jumped quite a bit).. yahooo for water retention. ;D

We have the hospital tour dealio this afternoon.. and since dh has today scheduled off, we went for breakfast after the doc's.. so walked about another 20 minutes to a crazy little diner.  I was still feeling great, but with the new hand and foot swelling that accompanies any length of walks..    had a great breakfast (cherishing every sort of mini-date time now..) and then walked to go get groceries...

BAM.. I think that the baby whittled itself a poking stick!  Sharp, stabbing, breath-taking pains in my pelvis!  sheesh.. i was cracking jokes about what kind of prison inmate weapons the ninja was using in there...  but really.  so not amusing, dear.   We did the groceries and walked home... so all in all about an hour and a half of walking around and being on my feet.   I feel totally fine now, home and sitting on the couch with my feet up... but knowing that we've gotta go out again within the hour, down to the hospital tour that's at the hospital that's about 35 min. walk away.. I think that we're going to take the bus. The bus stop is under ten minutes walk away.. so it should be ok.. and drops us off pretty much right at the maternity hospital. connnnnvenient.... i'd say.. ;)

DH is freaking out a little that we don't have anything ready yet.. so he's bugging to pack a bit of the hospital bag tonight.. just the things that we wont need until then.. but need to have together.  I think that I'll take a bit of time on Friday too, to go down and buy up a stash of the diapers I've picked out and some other little things that we really should have on hand when this little one makes the grand entrance.... arrrggg, spending money on bum fluff is aggravating... I wish that I had better sewing skills... and a snap/grommet attacher thing...hahah.. but since I did get a fantastic deal on some prefolds, I don't have to get so many fancy ones.

My next meeting with the doulas is on Friday.. looking forward to that!  


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