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first iui

Apr 07, 2010 - 0 comments

Where do I begin - WHAT A DAY!!
First appointment with FS at 11am - standby- we all know what that's like-
Playing the waiting game! Not too bad - saw him after just over an hour-
U/s was good 4 Follies - 3 on left and 1 on right.
Prob is left fallopian tube is blocked and the one follie on the right-spontaneously
Ovulated this morning - WOW - I don't think I o'd by myself ever.
FS said IUI is happening now, sorry for the short notice - he expected a trigger
Shot and the iui was scheduled for Friday.
So DH went to the lab and made his deposit. We went for tea and back at the lab within
the hour.
Embrologist said DH's SA was in the G-range. Post wash = 31mil
Morphology is .10 - good and basically he has good soldiers.
He also explained the entire procedure - he was very helpful.
FS came in - scary part - had to put my legs in stirrup like contraption.
Procedure took 5mins - painless, slightly uncomfortable.
Bed rest today! Intercourse tomorrow and following day for positive results!!
Doc said b/w showed positive results - body reacting well to the hormones.
On progynova and pregnisone for the next 14 days and now I'm officially on the tww'ing list.
Fingers, toes and everything else crossed!!

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