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Exclusively pumping, should i pump more?

Apr 07, 2010 - 1 comments





exclusively pumping









Hi everyone! my baby girl is 2 weeks old on friday and we are exclusively breastfeeding/pumping. right out of the hospital i could produce 4 oz per 2-3 hours which i hear is a miracle for new moms. we tried breastfeeding but the last day at the hospital she got lazy and stopped trying to latch which led to her sleeping all day and not feeding so i started to pump there. (manual medela) i waited 4-5 days to buy a double breast pump incase she decided to try breast feeding again and ended up with a Lansinoh affinity double pump. ive been storing breast milk for her pretty well. i just basically pumped whenever i felt full and started keeping track of how much she ate vs how much i pump. when i finally got to counting and pumping on a schedule i noticed that my supply stayed the same and didnt increase. so what is the point of pumping 8 times a day if im getting the same amount pumping 6x? ive added in pumps in the middle of the night but its just stressful having to get up especially if shes actually sleeping 5 hours. and im not pumping more than 3-4 oz at that time anyways. should i continue to try to pump 8times a day including the night pump? or should i just relax and pump the way i did when i first got home, getting the same amount of milk?

she eats anywhere from 19-22 oz a day and i pump 30-34oz

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by mamaofonetrying42, Apr 08, 2010
From what I have came to learn....In order for you to keep your supply and to increase it, you need to stay with the 8 pumping a day, if you plan on pumping long term. I have recently talked to a LLL lady and she told me that right now we should be pumping every 2 hours, as if the baby was breastfeed s/he would be on the breast every 2 hours. So, I say if you are going to be doing this long term at least 8x a day is needed......

I DEF. know where you are coming from! but unlike you, I am only pumping about 1/2 oz (each breast) if I pump every 3hours, But I am getting lazy and sometimes I go 4-5 hours in between pumpings, I ended up getting More milk if I wait too, but I am not pumping long term. As my supply is very low and after trying different things to get it up, I am unable too.

Logan will be one month next week and he is eating about 3-4oz at a time, As of right now I am able to give him 2-3bottle a day of breast milk. Once he starts to eat more I will end up stoping pumping....

I say if you are really wanting to do this, and God knows how hard it is. Do it. I would totally do it if I was producing more milk!!

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