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Am I completely pathetic?

Apr 07, 2010 - 3 comments








So... I've been thinking about seeing a counselor. A therapist. I've never been to therapy and I don't know if I'm completely comfortable with inviting a complete stranger inside my head when even I try to stay out of it. But now that my coworker/friend is pregnant, I know things are only going to be getting worse for me emotionally. And I don't want to have a break-down every time she complains about how miserable she is. My sister and my parents seem to think I need therapy. I'm not sure if therapy is something you recommend because you really believe in the results or if it's something you recommend when you're at your wits end and tired of dealing with someone. I've always been the type to be like "Pssshhh, therapy? Yeah Right!". But for some insane reason, I'm actually considering it...

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1219580 tn?1297218139
by tryingfor6years, Apr 07, 2010
I see nothing wrong with some counseling. It can be very helpful and get you through the sadness you have right now. I would look for someone who has experience with pregnancy loss etc.

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by mhv, Apr 07, 2010
I went through the same thing last year..... I was just starting my IVF process, and the girl next to me got pregnant..... she talked about it non stop for 9 months!!!!!  and I mean NON STOP and we work in a doctors office so we knew she was pregnant before she was even late for her period because she did a blood test!   And we were in a room with only 3 people in it!  Her, another girl, and me.  I would do whatever I could to drowned her out.  I would listen to my radio, change the subject, call someone on the phone or just get up and walk away from my desk.  I talked to my supervisor several times about and broke down in front of her.  I know how hard it can be.  But, on the bright side.... I showed me how much I want this, and how I cannot give up no matter what it takes.  She never knew I was going through this, so I cannot blame her, but it was very grueling.  

I have spoke with theapist for other reasons in my life, and I think it can be an amazing thing!  Good luck in your journey, and never give up on your dream!!!! : )

1199086 tn?1276218013
by Jenni1187, Apr 09, 2010
Thank you both so much! That definitely makes me feel better about this. Good luck to both of you!!! xxx

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