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APRIL 30th!...please pray for me!

Apr 08, 2010 - 27 comments

so surgery is set for April FREAKED OUT!.....

gotta get this cyst removed from my tailbone of my butt cheeks..pilonidal cyst to be exact...did i mention im freaked out??

the whole being put to down throat....and the aftercare is NOT going to be fun....they are going to leave a OPEN wound there for about 8 weeks.... prolly the size of a golfball! (maybe not so big but big enough).... uggg.... are you freaked out yet??

so i have 20 days or so to freakin stress about this even though im trying not too.... these are supposed to be great surgerons, highly recommended, in boca raton, florida (big money area, i dont live there lol)....

please say some prayers for me and a speedy not so painful freaked out and scared .....i never had to get surgery before.....any advice would be great appriciated!...thanks!

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973741 tn?1342342773
by specialmom, Apr 08, 2010
I will definately say some prayers for you.  Always scary to have surgery but the alternative of living with that cyst . . .  not so great either!  Try not to worry.  You're doing the right thing.  Prayers coming your way!

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by teko, Apr 08, 2010
Awe! That gives you time to have anxiety attacks. Rest assured that by the time you get put under, you wont care. They usually give you a little something that makes you relax beforehand, and you wont even remember it. My prayers are with you sunshine!  Hang in and I hope the pain is not too horrible before you can get it taken care of. Hugs

699217 tn?1323438700
by micheleTX, Apr 08, 2010
Prayers sending your way from Texas!  Ive had many surgeries, they all went great.  You should just try to relax a bit.  If you have great surgeons, then put your faith in them.  I will say a prayer for them to do a great surgery on you.  Im so sorry you have a cyst, they are not fun.  But they will take good care of you, okay?  Don't freak out too much.  I know it's easy for me to say that, I'm not having it.  But I will be praying for you a speedy non painful recovery :)

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 08, 2010
thanks special ... i deff need those prayers!

teko  i think i have had like 3 already and i just set it up yesterday!!! im such a big baby!!...hahahaahaha.....yea i heard they give you a "happy to go with you" hopefully iw ill be singing on the way to the OR.....scarryyyyy lmao

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 08, 2010
thanks michele!..... yea trying to relax as much as sure those few days before i will be a train wreck!

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Apr 08, 2010
I can understand your anxiety, especially when you have to wait. Try not to let things build up in your mind, though. Our minds can really build things up way worse than things could ever be!
When I had to have major surgery almost 3 years ago I started to get anxious and think thoughts I shouldn't have. I asked everyone to pray and decided to spend some extra time with the Lord in prayer and praise. I had to learn to completely let it go and trust Him. My mom reminded me that I wouldn't go before my time and to remember that God is in control. I think that's what scares us the most, feeling so out of control and having to trust the doctors, etc. But I reminded myself that God was the ultimate one in control of it all and that He just wanted me to trust Him. So I tried to just slowly relax and focus on God.

I had asked a pastor from our church if he'd come out to the hospital the morning of the surgery and pray with us before I went to the OR and he came out and gathered with my husband and mom and dad and everyone held hands around my bed and prayed for me. I had such peace that morning! It was unreal. The surgery went beautifully (and this kind of surgery could have so many things go wrong! I had a mass removed with a bowel resection).
Try to relax and trust the Lord to watch over you. Things like this builds up our faith and draws us closer to the Lord.

I will pray that God will give you peace, starting now, that you will learn to trust Him. I pray that God will guide those doctors hands and give them wisdom. I pray that angels will be all around that operating room and around you. I pray that the surgery will be a success and that you will heal perfectly.

Make sure you arrange things before you go in, like meals prepared before hand, people to help out, etc. And do let people help you after the surgery. Most people do want to help but they may not know how. When my church asked me if I'd like people to bring over meals after my surgery my first reaction was to say no, but I knew I'd be in the hospital for 5 or 6 days and that my husband would probably be giving my kids macaroni and cheese and ramen soup that week if I didn't let others help! These wonderful people brought us meals for 2 weeks! It was such a blessing.
You will be fine and will be so glad when this is over! God bless you. Keep us updated.
Hugs and blessings!

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Apr 08, 2010
i hope it goes well girl. and im sure all will be fine your a strong woman!!! and uno ill be texn you!!!

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Apr 08, 2010
Oh no girl, I'm sorry.  Hope surgery goes smoothly.  I'm sure you will be fine.  Good luck.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 09, 2010
can i just tell you it feels like i have a golf ball sitting at the top if my butt cheeks.....uggggg.... i cant sit down...even these jeans are killing me!

my dad got into an accident last night...just a lil sore but he is ok....

my ex wrecked his bike early thurs morning....road rash from shoulder to his toe..shattered big toe....stitches on his balls....possible broken leg or knee...will be in surgery all day ICU.....

looks like we all need your prayers down here right now.......

973741 tn?1342342773
by specialmom, Apr 09, 2010
Wow turkee, I'm sorry.  I hope your ex will be okay.  And your dad.  And you.  This weekend ----- can you do something nice for yourself?  I think you should indulge yourself a little bit here and do some things special to you.  You deserve it and the distraction will be a good thing.  Thinking about you and I'll continue to say prayers!

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 09, 2010
i hear ya ... but i gotta work tomorrow from 7-3.... and can barely i dunno  what i could really do... need to go to the beach and lay on my stomach!

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Apr 09, 2010
I think that's a good idea! Go get a pedicure or something just for you this weekend. Speedy recovery for your dad and ex! Glad they weren't hurt any worse! God bless!

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 09, 2010
a pedi sounds great but dont think i could sit thru it!.....

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Apr 09, 2010
Whoops, lol, sorry I wasn't thinking! How about a nice massage then? You can lay on your stomach for that. :)

168348 tn?1379357075
by ChitChatNine, Apr 09, 2010

Wanted to say hi and let you know we are here for you --  wishing you a fast countdown to your surgery date .. the waiting is sometimes the hardest part.


419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Apr 09, 2010
Sending prayer!! My friends DH just had surgery for the axact same thing only they were able to close his. I know he couldnt sit for about 6 weeks, had to sleep on his stomach at night. I hope your going to have alot of help at home. Did they explain all of the things your not going to be able to do??? Sitting down to go to the bathroom is going to be a challeng for a few weeks too:~(
I am going to do some serious praying for you!!! You will feel so much better when its all done with and healed. I hope the next few weeks fly by for you so that you dont spend so much time stressing:~(

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 09, 2010
i think they are going to leave mine open cause tere is a 5% chance of it coming teacher had it and said i will be able to come back in a week.... lol... i might be standing in the back of the class for a few weeks!.....

its scary.... i hope it heals quickly.... i only have 4 weeks left of school and then i have to extern .... gotta be healed by then!

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by jdwithhcv, Apr 09, 2010
I had a pilonidal cyst years ago, and it hurt like hell.  You have my sympathy, that surgery sounds intimidating. But at least they will knock you out for it.   I had mine drained in the doctor's office and the pain was so bad I bit through the towel I had shoved into my mouth to keep from screaming.  

I hope you feel better fast.  Once you have it drained its not nearly so hard to sit and your clothes won't hurt you any more.  Then its just a matter of letting it heal.

Best of luck,

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by aheart, Apr 09, 2010
My experience with that is the same as jd, in my Doc office on my stomach. He said that my pregnancy had brought it out. All that he said to prepare me was "This might hurt a little bit" YYYYYYYYOUCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH Then he peeled me off the ceiling and I went home with a dressing! Thank your stars that you will be happily under, much easier for you! Peice of Cake-

Good Luck to you You'll be like brand new!!(((((((((HUGS))))))))))

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 09, 2010
wow!.... scary!!!...... yea it hurt like hell now... but im glad i will be put out for it.... just the after math im sure wont be to fun......

dang this might hurt ALOT!!!!....hahahaha yea i heard that local anesthesia DOES NOTHING for that !.....

jd & aheart ...since you had it done has it every come back??......

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by jdwithhcv, Apr 09, 2010
Nope, never came back!

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Apr 09, 2010
Hugs turkee I am thinking about you, all will be well..Marg

338734 tn?1377160168
by IAmTheWalrus, Apr 09, 2010
Sounds like they need to start the Versed drip about 20 days before surgery!

But(t) Sis(t), you know you'll feel SO much better when it's gone!  Good luck (and please pardon the pun)!

Avatar universal
by aheart, Apr 09, 2010
Never came back on me either, just be very disciplined when it comes to your aftercare (which I have no doubt about) You'll have to come back and make your report for us all :)))))

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Apr 09, 2010
I am sure all will be fine. I had surgery (after never ever having had any) for a large Ovarian cyst in 1997. I was a little nervous. But everything went well. All I remember of it was this: the anesthetist giving me a shot in a cannula in my hand. It took me a few seconds (maybe 30 seconds) to fall asleep, during which it felt great! (must have been the drugs, but it wasn't unpleasant!) Felt like I was being carried away down a long tunnel and was laughing.
Next thing I knew I was waking up in a bed with an oxygen mask on. The oxygen smelled to me like clean mountain air, but it was making a hissing noise which was annoying me.
Then I asked for a coffee, and the nurse laughed at me. Within about an hour they let me have one!
Couldn't sleep much that night because I'm not used to sleeping with noises all around me. But next morning breakfast was very welcome because I was SO hungry. I'm telling you all this so you can see it's not always so bad.

Of course it's scary, but trust the doctors and surgeons. They are professionals, and know what they are doing. You'll be OK I am sure.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 10, 2010
thanks you all made me feel alot better.... i will deff keep everyone updated on how things are going.... and im sure will be asking for more prayers the few nights b4!..... thats when i will be really stressed....

now its deff bigger and more red.... and i think its going to drain on its own any day now...thats what it did the 2 previous times i got it...

thanks again everyone for the prayers and words of wisdom!!!.... i love my medhelp friends!

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by atruglia, May 17, 2010

I hope all went well for you. Please update for us.

I found your blog looking for a surgeon in boca for this cyst as well. I have the same thing. Please let me know who you went to..

Thank you!

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