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Avyn's Birth

Mar 30, 2010 - 0 comments

My first 3 were all born in the evening, so at about 8 pm on the 29th I decided to take a nice whirlpool bath with a small glass of wine, read a book and just relax and enjoy these last few days still pregnant.  Also thought, since I was still high, firm and only 1cm dilated, to do a little breast stimulation with my pump to try to soften things up.  It did give a few small contractions, so when I was almost done with my chapter I decided to quit since I had had the wine and was ready to go to sleep.  I don't even know how long it was, it was awhile after I quit with the pump, I had about 2 pages left to read and there was a huge pop.  And I went wha???  But nothing came out, so I figured it was just weird bone/joint noises you get at the end of pregnancy.  But sure enough, a minute or so later, my water had definitely broke.  In reality I was quite bummed because I just wanted to go to bed at that point and knew there'd be no sleeping now!  So we got the bags and left right away, being the 4th birth we were afraid things could progress quickly and we're an hour away from the hospital.  Thankfully my brother was at our house because he had got back late from a school trip.

We get to the hospital at about 10:30 and it was pretty uneventful from there on out.  Contractions were about 3 minutes apart on the drive down but tolerable.  It was the night of the full moon though, and l&d was quite full!  There were delivery and baby carts everywhere on the floor.  The full moon was at 9:25pm here and my water broke about 20 min before that, coincidence?  My midwife checked me, still high, firm and maybe 1.5-2cm, so I knew it was going to be a long night.  I was hoping for my 3rd all natural birth, but having the water broke so early was torture.  Wow is it just so much more intense after the waters are broke.  I made it until like 2 or 3am before I finally gave in and decided I was just too tired to try to stay sane through the contractions and with the epidural we both could sleep for a few hours.  I got that shortly after and it was so great!  If my first one had been like that, I would have probably had one for all the kids.  I could still move my toes and feel the contractions, but there was no pain.  My first, I was totally numb and couldn't do a thing.  Finally at about 7, they checked me and I was complete, so they called the midwife back in, she got there about 7:15 and we decided to wait a little bit before pushing so baby could move down a little further on her own because of my lovely varicosities.  Started pushing about 7:35 and she was out at 7:46.  It was so weird because I could feel her coming down and going out, but still absolutely no pain.  They even had me quit pushing when her head was halfway out so I didn't tear, that was the weirdest feeling ever.  We get her out and they ask Mark what we had and he got the most shocked look on his face and said,"it's a girl?!?"  And I went, no way!  It was quite funny!  So,

Avyn Marie, 3/30/10, 7:46am, 8lbs 6oz, 21.75in

She's a very good baby, only cries when she needs something (so far) and she will be totally spoiled because I will not put her down and I'm not afraid to admit it!  Seeing how big my boys are and how fast it's gone, there's no way I'm not savoring every minute of this one.  I wish I had realized that with my first.  I also still have this crazy fear that it could still all be taken away.  Trying really hard to get over that.  She's here and safe and I just need to enjoy that and not worry about what if's.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with a girl!

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