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It's Friday

Apr 08, 2010 - 4 comments

24DPO... CD39

Feeling rather sick lately and "off". Maybe PMS with a vengeance.

Wanna go to bed...but got too much work to do =-[ i just want AF to hurry up!!! *cries*

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by xx_Louise_xx, Apr 09, 2010
Hey, thats rather annoying i bet!!! My last two cycles were long, 44days and 38!! So i no how u feel...just want AF to appear so u can try again i know. Maybe a trip to the doctors may help, a few of the girls on here have the same problem, they've been to the docs and got medication to help!! I dont think it could hurt.

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by frequent_tester, Apr 09, 2010
Yeah, I think I will wait until mid next week, then it'll be over three weeks doctors are horrible, they only see you if youre dying lol

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by onyxangel, Apr 09, 2010
Hey girl... jesus .. still nothing? I can understand how frustrated you are.. sorry for that. I hope that this week comes quickly so at least you can get your answer or start taking the next necessary steps.

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by frequent_tester, Apr 09, 2010
niente! Cramps went away for a while, but theyre back today...if i did skip a cycle, I'll be ovulating around about now-ish. >sigh< my OPKs havent turned up yet so cant even check! Relying on instinct...and guesswork!

If I have skipped a cycle, I wont be happy cause it'll just make it harder to TTC  =-[

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