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Apr 09, 2010 - 4 comments

I cant believe how much pain im in. Not gettin anywhere with this fibro, its just gettin worse, now and again i have a not as bad day but very rare, i cant live like this anymore, its a nightmare

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by aheart, Apr 09, 2010
If you don't keep on top of pain it gets worse, please make an appointment with your doc and tell him that your pain management isn't filling the bill anymore, you shouldn't have to suffer! I'm so sorry that you are in agony, I wish I could offer you more than just some general advice and a sympathetic ear! Could you go into ergent care? Feel better soon hon, I;m praying for us.

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by margypops, Apr 09, 2010
Saw your journal can I help you, I am a good listener and am always around , dont be alone we are here for you ...Marg

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by TrudieC, Apr 09, 2010
I hear you.  The last couple of days have been really bad for me too - maybe it's the weather or the need to increase my Lyrica dose.  Moving up from 75 mg to 150 mg tonight.  Lately I have finally given in to my husband's insistence and found that 5 minute intervals on the eliptical have actually helped but not today. Lots of Tylenol 3's in me today.

I see that you are at 600 mg of Lyrica a day.  I wonder if it has stopped working for you.  I've read that that often happens.  I think its time for a heart to heart with your doctor and ask him to help you find some relief.

I hope things look up for you soon.

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by Jax1964, Apr 09, 2010
Thankyou so much for your concern, I am going to make an appointment on Monday coz its unbearable. I feel so down with it, having to take everyday as it comes, and every day is a nightmare of horrific pain, Im going to ask about my Lyrica, TrudieC you could be right, to be honest i dont think it ever worked. thankyou all for your concern, it really is appreciated, Thankyou.

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