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Had thought about it before but wasn't possible until now....

Apr 10, 2010 - 2 comments

bariatric surgery




gastric sleeve

Referring to Bariatric surgery.  I never knew that my gp referred me to see a bariatric surgeon until I got the phone call from his office gving me my appt time which was yesterday.  It has not been available in Manitoba but a new program that has just started will cover gastric by pass and laproscopic sleeve gastrectomy which is the procedure I am getting.

I've struggled for many years with obesity and have been in programs for weight loss before and I would lose but shortly there after I would gain back.  I've eaten healthy and continue to do so but weight is still fluctuating and I can continue to gain and lose the same 20 pounds and stay frustrated and unhappy, or choose, like I did to take drastic measures.  I am happy with my decision------I've weighed  (no pun intended) my options over and over again for the last few years but up to this point I could not afford the surgery (again wasn't covered in Manitoba prior) but bothe surgeries that I mentioned above are now included in Manitoba Health and I will just have to pay for the dietician and the "Medi-Trim" that I must use 2 weeks prior to the surgery----and after for a few weeks of surgery.  Lap Band is still not covered and cost $17 500.

I am going to start and continue to blog my journey...not sure if it will be on this site or not.....Dr A is the current dr for this procedure and either him or his partner Dr B (yes those are there last name initials) will perform it.

I thought it would be awhile but Dr A was saying surgery will be either in May or June...I am amazed again that my gp referred me but so glad he did.  I was second on the list.

I know there will be people who don't approve but its not up to them to tell me how to live my life.  I do welcome all opinions as you are entitled to them.

The love of my life is behind me all the way and he does admit that he is a bit nervous and so am I but feel confident that all will be well.

Starting at 274 so 104 pounds is what I should lose to be the 'ideal' weight but will be happy to be under 200 and I can't remember when the last time that was.

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by merrlois, Sep 21, 2010
  I would like to commend you for your preservence in your journey, to loose weight. I myself am about to undergo weight loss surgery, in Birmingham, Alabama, after having it one time, and it being deemed as a failed surgery. At this point in time I currently weigh 376 pounds. I know that I will never see 110 pounds again, and that I'm not asking for. I would like to just weigh 200 pounds (preferably less) or less. Still again and good luck and congratulations......

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by morrowshe, Oct 24, 2010
How did your surgery go? One of my friends had it done 3 weeks ago by DR A and is in very poor conditions. She is still not able to drink water and has had many complications. If anything could go wrong it has! Let me know how you are doing, we are just wanting to hear someone who has had positive results from this surgery.

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