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Jul 15, 2008 - 5 comments


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by karen717, Jul 24, 2008
It is easy for the docs to say exercise and lose weight and you will feel better. I wonder how many of them have suffered from chronic pain to even know what it feels like on a day to day basis. We all know exercise will help with the weight and the pain but how do you do that when you are in so much pain? Kinda ****ed if you do and ****ed if you don't. I have found my saving grace though. THE POOL! For some reason, being in the water helps me not to hurt when I exercise (I don't do much but it's better than nothing). It may or may not help with weight, but it helps me feel better. I do have this sort of worn out feeling afterwards but it's not that hurting feeling I get from walking and such. I believe it helps and maybe that's the key, I don't know. I, too, would love to get some weight off but no matter how little I eat, I stay the same. I do believe exercise is the key to weight loss, but if you can't, you just can't. I know I have rambled, sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

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by Cindee56, Jul 24, 2008
Hi pinklady,

I know how you feel.  I have the same problem.  Would you believe I have been on Weight Watchers for 5 months and I haven't lost ANYTHING?  It's so discouraging.  I have a thyroid problem, but still.  I've been following it exactly and I exercise as much as I can.  Nothing strenuous, light swimming and stationary bike, some abs.  Not like what I used to do, but the pain is a factor.  You know, I don't know what the secret is.  I have tried everything to lose weight for the past 10 years, and all I do is continue to gain!  I think it's age and just luck, to be honest.  I must have the slowest metabolism in the world!  To lose I have to basically starve myself, then even if I do lose it, I will just gain it back, so why bother?  Just know you are definitely not alone!

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by Ranaesheart, Aug 05, 2008
Hi Pinklady ~

It is easy to be down and feel depressed when we want to lose the weight and are facing some physical limitations.  The good news is that you can still lose weight, you can still exercise and you can feel better and achieve your goals!  

You've already accomplished the first steps by realizing you want to address this and by reaching our in this community for support and friendship.  You, my dear, are stronger than you think and I'll be glad to help you in your journey.  

First, have you tried journaling your food intake?  Write down every morsel of food that enters your mouth, the time of day, how you are feeling (sad, depressed, happy, tired, etc.) and figure out the calories (can use the package or look up on   Please let me know what you're coming up with calorie-wise.  Also, your height, weight and activity level and we can figure out what calories are used daily and what you'll need to cut back to in order to lose.  

Will be happy to help you find some upper body exercises if your legs are in too much pain.  Do agree with the pool mentioned above; if you can do that it helps with the pain and with the exercise.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!  Today is a new day ... remember ... BELIEVE, even when it is not rational and good things WILL happen ....


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by xsx87x, Aug 07, 2008
i no exactly how u feel pinklady42. i was born with a dislocated hip...long story short i still cant walk or stand or sit for long periods of time so exercise is a no no! i dont really eat much and im nearly positive i have an eating disorder, im actually getting that checked out in 2 weeks and on top of that i found out today i also have PCO syndrome which as for side effects means my weight is extra hard to lose. im not a big big girl... i mean i no ima size 12/14 i can say its not too big but when i see it i feel like im a size 30 guess thats part of my eating issues.. ive done every diet and diet trick in the book... the only thing i found helped was putting black pepper on any thing i ate (not like ice cream thou lol)

my real trouble started when i went to see my doctor about my hip only to be told im too fat and its crushing my hip! so i needed to be atleast a size 10 at the biggest....

so i cant exercise, cant play sport or run, diets dont work, starving dont work, throwing up or lax dont work .... how am i meant to lose weight??? i tried yoga  but even the stretching in that was too painful ... any other ideas?/

i hate when people assume your fat coz ur lazy or because u eat too much...or when they assume its easy to lose weight... even doctors...he gave me 6 weeks to lose over a stone .... and trust me when i say i tried!

to be honest im starting to get very depressed and i can feel my eating disorder is getting worse....

any help would be appreciated :)


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by Fluffysmom, Aug 07, 2008
Hi there, pinklady42.  I also have a hip labral tear (right hip), sacroilliac joint arthritis, hip arthritis, have had 5 surgeries on my knees, and have a disc protrusion in my lumbar spine that send shooting pain down my right leg, with a constant ache in my right foot from the nerve pain.

I feel your pain, as well as my own!  I want/need to lose weight, and have been having a lot of trouble with it since the disc protrusion in December, then tremors, lack of balance and fatigue since February.

I try to walk as much as possible without flaring things up to badly.  I used to go to water aerobics class, but have had a difficult time with it since everything started acting up all at once.  The pool is a great thing, if you can do it.  I plan on returning to water aerobics soon, one day a week to start.  I'll even leave half way through if I need to.  Or, I'll try going to the gym when it's not busy and just walking back and forth through the water; less stress on the joints but still good exercise.

I decided to try doing some light weight work on my arms this morning, starting with 1 set of 10 repetitions of bicep curls and tricep push-backs, just to get started.

I hope you can find some little thing you can do to get you started; pick up a couple cans of soup and do some bicep curls.  Muscle burns more calories than fat, we all know.  I used to work out a lot, so this has been really tough on me.

Hang in there, wishing you all the best,  


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