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Hip Resurfacing  Surgical Center India

Dec 21, 2007 - 0 comments

Asian Regional Center for Hip Resurfacing
               You are fourty years old, great job, good friends and life is a smooth journey. One aweful morning you wake up with a throbbing pain in the hip joint. You pop in a pain killer bought at the pharmacy and feel better. A few months later more frequent pain and sever enough to reduce movement at the hip joint. A visit to the orthopaedic surgeon and series of medical test follows. Day to day activities become very difficult. You hear the inevitable news that you have osteoarthritis of the hip joint. The only treatment that will relieve your pain is replacement of the hip joint…(

                         This is the relentless jargon of patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the hip. The conventional hip replacement involves cutting the head of femur (thigh bone) and replacing it with a metal ball. The diseased acetabulum is replaced with a high density polyethylene cup. The life of conventional Total Hip Replacement is about 10 to fifteen years. A superior alternative to this is the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. The first procedure in India was performed at Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai. In this procedure only the diseased part of the head of femur is removed and a metal cap made of cobalt and chromium is fitted on it. The acetabular side is also fitted with a metal cup. Due to the metal on metal interface the joint does not wear out easily. Moreover the resurfacing prosthesis has near normal anatomy to the hip joint. Hence patients can get back to all kinds of physical activities without the fear of dislocation.

                         The hip resurfacing procedure is being performed since September 2000 and over thousand resurfacing surgeries have been performed so far by Dr.Vijay.C. Bose.              
Computer navigated surgeries are performed in state of the art theaters with laminar air flow. Internal ventilation surgical hoods provide very sterile environment for the implant surgery thus minimizing the chances of infection.

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