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dpo symptoms

Apr 13, 2010 - 9 comments

2, 3 dpo - fatigue, cramping
3, 4, 5, 6, 7 dpo - diarrhea
1-8 dpo - vivid dreams
4 dpo - sore nipples, 2 big globs of ewcm
ears keep hurting randomly
5,6 dpo - twinges in lower tummy
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 dpo - nausea
6 dpo - cm check - tiny bit of creamy pink cm
8,9 dpo - boobs hurt a little bit on the sides
10 dpo - BFP!!!!  It's light...but there
12 dpo - BFP again...getting darker
So, now that I know these symptoms weren't in my head, I will make this journal public instead of private.

And oh so many mixed emotions right now.  Part of me wants to be excited, but the other part of me is so afraid to get excited because I fear I will miscarry AGAIN.  I can only hope and pray that this time is sticky.  I'm not even telling DH because I am afraid that he is going to get to the point where he says no more because he can't stand seeing me go through it.  I will tell him when I see a heartbeat.  Knowing him though, he'll figure me out before then.  I love the fact that I'm super fertile, but it is so frustrating that I can't stay pregnant.  I can't imagine the frustration for women who have a hard time getting pregnant, but for those of us with recurrent losses, I think it is just as frustrating.  I do, THANK GOD, have 2 beautiful sons and an amazing step daughter, but DH and I don't have any together, and I would soooo love to have one together.  I really hope this time is going to be different.  Only time will tell.  

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1215490 tn?1319841041
by S2609, Apr 19, 2010
OMG!!! I'm so excitted for you!!!! That is so cool! You must be so happy :) you just made my day! Congrats dear! Man, if grumpiness is such a great sign then, bring on the grumpiness!!! :D I wish you all the best and this one is a very sticky one :) xx

758877 tn?1382589362
by ladybug82, Apr 19, 2010
congrats hunny!!!

1041303 tn?1421390941
by frank_noahsmommy, Apr 19, 2010
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so Happy for you! I know you have been through a long journey to get this BFP!!! I wish you all the best and wish for a healthy and Happy 9 months!!!!!

1121273 tn?1325371575
by k10road, Apr 19, 2010
Thanks, ladies.  I really hope this one is sticky!

1112895 tn?1268585475
by eddiblair, Apr 20, 2010
I come back to this website from time to time to mainly check on YOU. I am so glad to hear about your BFP, and I will be praying for you.

1055824 tn?1387077024
by Jenny101407, Apr 20, 2010
Eeeeeeek I wish you all the STICKY BABY DUST in the world............I hope this one Is SUper Sticky....I will pray for you and I hope this is it.

982214 tn?1471458381
by krichar, Apr 20, 2010
Congrats!!!! I too pray this one is sticky!! You deserve this little miracle...

Avatar universal
by Kricket212, May 03, 2010
You got pregnant naturally too right?  Which is even more amazing that the #''s are so high.  Do you have twins in the family?

Avatar universal
by MDBrown, Sep 21, 2010
Sorry such a late post but we are trying and I've Bern through 10 losses- I also get prego just cant stay prego past 7/8 weeks - I've been charting for a couple months so hopefully I will have a BFP and it stick - congrats to u!

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