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Could this be a Christmas miracle

Dec 22, 2015 - 0 comments












So it's been a rough start for my husband and myself. We have been married for 4 years and have experienced a lot of heartache and pain. In 2014, on our 2nd anniversary, we found out that I was pregnant. Only to learn a few months later that I had a terrible miscarriage. That was a very devastating year in my life, I never wanted to experience anything of such again. To this day it still hunt me, to make matter nothing but worse. The early part of this year, I once again found out that I was pregnant; only to lose another child. I found out I was pregnant in May and by July a DNC was performed on me. I have been on a search to find answers for the cause, but always on a dead end road to nothing. I already have a 9 year old beautiful child, that was born premature at barely 36-weeks. However, I would love to have another child; especially by my husband. My 9 year old has continuously asked for me to have her a little brother or sister. She would be super excited if I could have two at the same time (twins, she wants me to have twins...LOL) Even though that would be a joy, but I have to be able to have a healthy pregnancy before anything. I just pray to God that I would be blessed enough to have at least one more child to complete my family.

I am 8 days late of my period and it's 3 days before Christmas. No sign of period coming on, normally I will know when it's getting close; because I crave for red meats. Most women crave for sugary foods not meat, I want meat LOL. Also including other symptoms: menstrual cramps, change in mood, bloating...etc...
The thing is the night before the last on 12/20 my spouse and I had intercourse, afterwards when I went to use the bathroom I noticed spotting (very light pinkish in color, no odor) Trying not to get over excited, I mention to my husband; either my cycle is about to come on or I may be pregnant. I think it's too soon to test and see, but I have my fingers cross and continue to pray that we will be expecting.

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