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Day 21 - Yipee 3 weeks!

Dec 21, 2007 - 0 comments






     I woke up today feeling stronger somehow. The last few days have been mentally rough. I found myself in a lot of pain. It was this pain that got me started taking these pills in the first place. The last few days I have taken a flexiril (Muscle relaxer) and it settled things down enough that I could grin and bear it. Yesterday I went to a massage therapist and also had my back adjusted.
     Each day I am so thankful for the love and support of those here on the forum. I hope that my input is as helpful and encouraging as others have been to me As I help others I am realizing how vitally important it is to make up your mind to quit. So many say the words but if you read between the lines, they just are not ready yet. This is OK. It is a journey getting clean.
     If you are reading this and are an addict I suggest real honesty when looking at yourself. It is so easy to justify your use. It is so easy to blame others, but face it. Others are not the ones forcing you to use. You do have a choice. I encourage you to make that choice.
     The bright side of things is getting your mind back. It is so nice not living in a total fog. It is so good to look forward to tomorrow, next week even next year. Not trudging along barely surviving. Although there are still some ups and downs, I see a steady progress. I am beginning to like who I am, again.
     Today the sun is shinning. I am looking forward to Christmas with family & friends.

Happy Holidays & God bless.

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