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Apr 13, 2010 - 3 comments


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1168827 tn?1332021763
by hdmom3, Apr 18, 2010
Oh, so I get it now. Please make the decision not to take it then. As you said, you don't need it and in reality you're perfect just the way you are...

1174460 tn?1272362659
by copernicus66, Apr 18, 2010
thanks for saying that. And why should I do something self-destructive to change how I look? This was supposed to be about improving health.

1168827 tn?1332021763
by hdmom3, Apr 19, 2010
I really mean it! You and I - we can do this together... When you dropped below that 160 it was enough to motivate me to work a little harder. Not that I'm trying to compete but that's inspiring!  

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