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thanks medhelp!..pic attached!..... my pilonidal cyst!!

Apr 15, 2010 - 24 comments

sooo most of you know medhelp kept taking down my pic of my pilonidal cyst that i been trying to post to get some answers to my questions!....most of you have been very helpful and i thank you!!...and thanks emily and medhelp for letting put up my butt pic!!!

surgery is on april 30th!.....send a prayer my way! guys really made me feel better!....thanks again!!!

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973741 tn?1342342773
by specialmom, Apr 15, 2010
Youch!  It will be good to have that gone. I'll be saying prayers and thinking of you!  Are you covered with people helping you after the surgery?  

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 15, 2010
yea i should be good there...hopefully they have the stomach for it!....hahahaahah....thanks!

1107684 tn?1448828430
by moonpiebaby, Apr 15, 2010
Oh My Gosh Girl! Its going to feel soooo good to have that removed. Just keep that in mind. I know your nervous, but, try to relax and go with the flow. My prayers are with you. Best of luck kiddo :o) T~

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 15, 2010
thanks!...nervous isnt even the word!!... i deff need some drugs before i get to the OR......or else i will be a nut case!

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Apr 15, 2010
well it takes courage to put your butt up on the internet , hey I wish you well, begone butt cyst begone ....

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 15, 2010
thanks margy!!!.... yea i dont have MUCH shame when it comes to pretty open with everything....people who walk by me at work and ask how im doing i say "you wanna see my butt??'"... i got a 50/50 shot for a yes!!

442658 tn?1563386491
by merrymaria, Apr 15, 2010
oh ouch you poor friend had a cyst in the front area....all is well now....sending prayers your way...i m sure that is very painful...take care of yourself...maria

389974 tn?1331015242
by swampcritter, Apr 15, 2010
"Wanna see my butt?" is a great line to introduce yourself at parties.

Avatar universal
by jdwithhcv, Apr 15, 2010
Ouch!  You are going to feel so much better once you get that thing taken care of.  Just be prepared to sleep face down for a little while.

When I had my pilonidal cyst I was working as a bartender so I was on my feet all the time.  Good thing, that!  If I had a desk job the sitting would have killed me!

Make 'em give you good pain meds.  I'm wishing you well.


Avatar universal
by Trinity4, Apr 15, 2010
I had a pilonidal cyst removed when I was around 20 I think.  Back then the doc froze the area and did it in the office.  It was New Year's eve if I recall and I swear I could smell alcohol on his breath.  Glad one of us wasn't feel any pain!!

Good luck and the soreness will last a week or so but the relief of having it gone is worth it.

BTW, I have a nasty little scar in that area now but just a select few have ever seen it.  :)


134578 tn?1614729226
by AnnieBrooke, Apr 15, 2010
That's so funny, I would have thought that was an armpit, seen from the back.  MedHelp is certainly ever vigilant!

Good luck with the removal.

127124 tn?1326735435
by have 2 kids, Apr 15, 2010
I wouldn't have known it was your butt if you hadn't told us.

1121273 tn?1325367975
by k10road, Apr 15, 2010
YOWZA!  My dad had one of those...ewwww....I remember the day he had his surgery.  He was funny as hell on those pain meds.  His was so painful that the removal was such a blessing for him.  He could hardly walk before he got it removed.  He is an ER nurse, so he had to be on his feet all the time, and it just killed him.  I don't know too much about them, but I know the joke was that it was his twin on his arse.  I guess there is some theory that they start while in utero or something - like an undeveloped twin that reabsorbs.  I hope your surgery goes well.  You will feel much better after - and yes, ask for good pain

176741 tn?1295233989
by 2ndBaby, Apr 15, 2010
Hmm...I had the same thing in college and it was taken care of in the doctor's office.  Why "surgery?"  

338734 tn?1377160168
by IAmTheWalrus, Apr 15, 2010
Ow! that looks really painful, and in such a tender place! My son had one when he was about 20. Siad it hurt, but I think he had it removed in a Dr. office. He was in Brazil at the time.

Good luck!

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Apr 15, 2010
goodluck girl!!!!!!!!

Avatar universal
by jdwithhcv, Apr 15, 2010
Wow, looks like most people had this in their tewnties.  I wonder why that is.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 16, 2010
yea they say its getting alot more common in was always known as the "hairy mans disease"..... but it can be there from birth....or the old war vets used to get them from riding around in the real bumpy jeep rides...also some kind of trama like falling on your butt can cause these....the doc said it like a bunch of hair trapped there that get infected.....yea everyone in here did say in their 20's or knew someone on their 20's who got this....and here i am 24!

2nd baby, they probably did a lancing on yours, and you got lucky and it never came back..... this will be the 3rd time this thing came back in 5 the lancing might have worked but i dont wanna take any chances!!!!

jd is it really going to be as bad as i think???? thinking im gunna be in so much pain after that i will just wanna die!!..... will i be able to get up and walk to the bathroom and sit down to pee???....

trinity you shoulda asked him to give you whatever he was drinking!!! then you both would have been painless!...

i want them to give me those drugs they give you in pre op....vanced (sp?)....or the "happy to go with you" drug.....whatever it is that is going to make me sing on the way to the OR instead of a crying ball of mess !......

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 16, 2010
really?? armpit????......lmao!!!!!!!!

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Apr 16, 2010
I thought the same, it looked like your  Good luck girl.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 16, 2010
thanks jezi!

599170 tn?1300973893
by Cherie762, Apr 16, 2010
do they close it or leave it open to drain? I had one in the front once, between you know what and thigh...pain! but felt soooo better once removed..had to soak in hot epsom salt tub that was cleaned with bleach water.   mine was packed with gauze that I had to repack self after first dr post op visit.

I give the ladies in my hysterectomy forum this hint all the time..but ( hahaha butt JK) I think it may help you too. Since your surgery area is sooo close to the area that our bms come from...and you will be taking narcotic pain meds,,,you will not want to be constipated...narcotics will for sure cause constipation.

ask drs advice...he may already have it ordered...but get some stool softners...plan on eating lots of fiber..he may tell you otc  stool softners is laxatives wayyyy to harsh

make the best of your recovery,,have someone rent you movies. let people pamper deserve it !


784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Apr 16, 2010
he said he was going to leave it open because  closing it with stitches will most likely rip open and/or get he said the best way it to leave it open...

thanks alot cherie... yes i plan on taking a small advantage for the recovery!

Avatar universal
by boldsojah4christ, Apr 16, 2010
Amen sis ur in my prayers! You will be just fine! BS4C

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