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38 Weeks and 5 days..

Apr 15, 2010 - 0 comments

38 weeks


39 weeks












belly cast



Oh yes.. almost 39 weeks!!

How exciting is this... ;D

Baby hasn't dropped yet and I don't have any signs of contractions/discharge/imminent labour..  holding on tight until at least Earth Day.  Good little ninja. Hahaha...  I just have the feeling though that because I have a bunch of fantastically fun stuff planned for Saturday that SOMETHING will happen that day.. :P It's so weird to be on the constant lookout for signs.. it's like ttc all over again.. but with potentially explosive reactions.. HAAAAAhahaha.. (oh please don't have my water break in the middle of brunch.. or the craft show..).

We've pretty much gotten everything ready.. still haven't packed a bag or finished writing out the good copy of my birth plan.. but there's a ton of tiny clothing and diapers washed and ready.. and the co-sleeper is all hooked up to the side of the bed.. which is actually really awesome to use to hoist myself up all through the night!  who knew..

Don't see the doc again until next Wednesday, but was given the all-clear on Monday.. yet again.

Went on an epic farming adventure in the valley yesterday!  Was exhausting helping out with their three little boys.. ahahahaaa.. who were obsessed with the baby in my belly... asking if it's "giant or tiny or medium" over & over.. too cute.. :D  playing with cows and traipsing all over the property was a good stretch and workout... felt awesome to be outside all day!  Today is grey and gloomy.. will still get out for the daily march.. but will probably make it full of errands so that I'm close to places to hide from the rain.. no rain jacket will fit me right now!

I'm getting half of a huge roll of plaster today and will be doing my belly cast tonight!  OooOoooh FUN!!!  my friend mentioned that a good layer of shortening keeps it from sticking to your skin.. so... HAHAHAHA.. oh man.. I hope that we don't get visitors tonight... or I'll totally answer the door in nothing but shortening and plaster.  (I'm laughing realllly hard out loud at this picture..).  The ninja has been living up to it's name over the last couple of days.. major shifting and kicking and punching and headbutting... hopefully it'll hold still once the plaster goes on.. but it'd be really funny to have it set all poked out on one side.. :D

I had the breastfeeding meeting with one of my doulas this week too.. only one short meeting left with them before d-day.. just to wrap up any loose ends on the birth plan and to finalize what each of us will be bringing along to the house and then to the docs.  

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