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So close to 2016, a fresh, beautiful new year!!

Dec 28, 2015 - 0 comments

We are doing fine, great holidays, lots of blessings, family, friends. Looking forward to the new year. The puppy dogs are fat and happy. Rusty starting a new diet. Of course when a dog gets fat it's the owner's fault and that's me. So we (the dog) are going to eat a lot less "cookies" (dog treats) and have only natural hard food for the evening meal and take in the most calories in the morning. More exercise, more doggy park. Hopefully a slim new Rusty by spring!
My doctor finally has a handle on my chronic pain, I get two Norco a.m. two p.m. Hoping I don't get too dependent on it. Ativan replaces the Xanax Jan. 3 for anxiety. I am glad to have a doctor that cares about getting me off Xanax. When I had to go cold turkey in between changing my health care and it was pure hell. It went on and on for weeks, not days. I got through it though and better off for it. Xanax is an evil drug that you never want to stop suddenly if you can help it, always taper slowly, any drug that makes you dependent.
I have been having a ball on Google Earth! You can go along the beach down in Baha or Ice skate in Central Park. Or you can go to the house you grew up in. You can go to the London Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge. Anywhere on earth! If you are stuck at home like I am, it's fun! The ghetto's of Detroit or the San Francisco Ballet, its all there. You even get to fly there, really! It is my wish that everyone who reads this journal has a better year than 2014, happy and safe and most especially well. As well as you can be! Happy New Year Folks and MedHelp Staff.

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