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Evil Metformin

Dec 29, 2015 - 2 comments

Feeling confused,  unsure and angry.  For the first time in a long time I'm late for my period.  I started taking metformin at least a month ago and I'm going to be so angry if it's making my period late.  I'm going to be so pissed if I build up hope for it to be shoved in my face.  I'm not going to test.  I've done told myself that but ugh,  let's get this over with already!

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by KTowne, Dec 29, 2015
It could be a lot of things! You know which of those things I'm praying for, but hopefully if not that, then AF just shows up and gets it over with!

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Dec 29, 2015
Lol KTowne,  you and me both.  :)  Yeap,  if not I want her to come on so I can get it over with.  
Thank you!  

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