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Brought my son to his pediatrician for 2 months of coughing

Oct 09, 2007 - 1 comments










For 2 months, i & my dear wife (more my wife) have been woken in the middle of the night by my toddler son's coughing.

Since I've been listening to him and his lungs sound clear, and he wasn't coughing up any colored sputum, or much sputum at all, I've dragged my feet in bringing him in for a check.  Last night was the straw that broke the camels back, and we went today, after considering that most viruses get better after 2 weeks, and my son had been coughing for months.

It was a good idea to get checked.  Even though my son was clear on lung exam today as well, the pattern of cough in the middle of the night (?when own body's endogenous steroid levels are low?) and with exercise suggested that he has mild persistent asthma, which decompensates with cold or exercise.

I have to go pick up albuterol as a quick-acting bronchodilator (opening up the airways to be wider, less like straws), and a steroid inhaler which will decrease inflammation to get at the underlying problem of swelling and mucous production that narrows the breathing tubes.  Here's a youtube video from Dr. Kellen Glinder of Palo Alto Medical Foundation on how to use the spacer to get more of this medicine down into the lungs:

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by Kim200977, May 16, 2009
If anyone ever reads this, please check your baby's furniture. I am sad that I just found this person's post two years later. My daughter was having the same symptoms. IT was from the formaldehyde emmissions in her crib and changing table. Many companies are now being sued by the California Attorney General for not labeling these items as possibly dangerous. I knwo it may be too late now, but please check what furniture your child had. I removed my baby from her room after 6 months of these symptoms and they cleared up within two weeks.

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