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The Waiting Game...

Apr 17, 2010 - 1 comments

Today has been another one of those days. I have been on the internet for a total of 2 hours researching and trying to find out if there is any possible way you could feel symptoms as early as directly after conception. I have been sleepy and so has my husband. Speaking of the devil as soon as I finish up this journal, I think I'm going to take me a nice long nap. Also, I have had multiple dreams of babies. Last night I had given birth to one of my twins while the other one decided he/she would stay for just a few days longer. I remember riding home hold my baby in my arms and feeling her breath against my chest, and then I WOKE UP! bummer. I just wanted to go back to sleep and be with her. Oh well....maybe I'll meet her again tonight. *fingers crossed*

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by lumi2010, Jun 02, 2010
Have you found anything out yet? Are you using fertility?

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