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Brief Health Update - 4/17/10

Apr 17, 2010 - 0 comments

For tracking purposes only:

Meds right now;

IV Clindamycin - 4 day treatment. Started 4/15
Prednisone - 40 mg for 5 days, 20 mg 5 days.  Started 4/12
Nexium - 40mg 2x day

Having lots of heartburn and nausea and some insomnia, most likely from steroids.

Still coughing up greenish/blood tinged mucuous but getting better.

Glands still slightly swollen on the right side of neck.

Had 2 episodes of throwing up this week. Last week at the doctor's office in the waiting room and then again yesterday just before starting to eat my dinner.  My face actually swelled up a little after yesterday's incident.

Overall, feel weak and like my body is still trying to fight off this infection.  I can't believe it is dragging on this long.

Medical Appointments this week:

Monday will see PCP to check on recovery from the infection and IV treatment at 9:45.  Still waiting to hear from neuro for a time to come see doc about my MRI results and possible change in DMD.

OK, keeping this brief.

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