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Apr 18, 2010 - 6 comments












Today is 8DPO woop woop no real drop in bbt  only 3 more days to test hehehe Im getting excited.
Last night I was cooking and my husband was helping me out he started pouring out the drinks and asked me if I wanted a bit of his wine.... well I said no thank you He was like why? I said nah just not in the mood for drinking.....sooo I passed up wine .. and husband turns to me (i had my back to him at the time) "YOU THINK YOU'RE PREGNANT DONT YOU!?" I couldnt help but smile (he couldnt see me but he knew) and he started smiling..."turn around let me see your face" haha it was so funny I must have been bright red .. He then gave me a giant hug and went awwwwww lol Yea he's a weird man but I love him haha.

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by frequent_tester, Apr 18, 2010
Awwww! Amazing. but it is better to be safe. You shouldn't actually drink when you're trying to conceive anyway (not that this applies to the majority of our teenage girls out there!) Really hoping for that BFP for you!

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by onyxangel, Apr 18, 2010
Agreed. I figure it this way. I'm not a big drinker not by "British standards" that is... I have about a glass of wine a week. But have been really careful :) It amazes me all the scally girls that are so pissed off their @$$es every week.. Im sure they will either turn up knocked up ... but the funny thing not many of their kids have issues but then you have a good honest loving couple and things happen to them.. Messed up how the world works.

I cant wait to take that test on the 21st I'm dying just to know.. yes or no.  If this is not my  month Im not going to bother anymore. I'm calling it quits.

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by katymay02, Apr 18, 2010
Hi, everything is looking great for you this month!!  I was thinking just that today after seeing a young pregnant girl stumbling about in the street last night, I got so angry.  Felt like telling her how precious the baby is, I couldnt believe someone can act like that, how they are given something so precious when they definitely dont deserve it and then theres couples who would do anything for the opportunity.. it's definitely strange how the world works, seems so unfair sometimes!  You two sound like a great couple though and really deserve a little one :)  Got everything crossed for your BFP :)

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by onyxangel, Apr 18, 2010
Thank Katy,
I hope so too and seems like everything "should" go according to plan ... but then again... you know what I mean. Things happen:(

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by dscoqn, Apr 18, 2010
I drink in the two weeks leading up to ovulation and then once I ovulate I don't have any until AF shows.  Sneaky huh LOL

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by onyxangel, Apr 19, 2010
Haha I cant even have it while on AF ... I notice i turn into a emotional phycopath.. hahaha So as you guessed it I  hardly drink :(  I like my cider. haha.

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