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What a day and it is only 9:17!

Jan 07, 2016 - 5 comments

Man I am really trying but something is not right. Where do I start. No wifi at home only at work. We went last night and bought new equipment but by the time we got home too tired to plug it up. Ok I am dealing. Then this morning after we just made up for the same thing dh is so disrespectful with his comments and then wants to hug me? Get the f*ck out of my sight. So I pushed him aside said no and proceeded to leave. He says with a laugh--have a nice day. So I leave and pull out in front of someone cause my mind is so focused on the current situation. Then I get behind a garbage truck that sprays the leaking liquid all over my new car and windshield. (How appropriate other ppls garbage is spraying me dirty) then I get to work and ms L and another coworker start talking sports as loud as possible.  My friend just told me her recent ex hubs lost his job due to drinking.   Soooo here I am hiding out in the bathroom, trying to stay positive, trying to not let anything get to me but inside I just want to say [email protected] it. I give up and just become the biggest ***** there is and be cold hearted and a bitter old woman. But I know this is not the way I want to live my life. Sooo here I go back to my desk with a fake smile plastered on my face.  When you really love someone do you get your kicks being disrespectful to them....... I think not.

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by spider6, Jan 07, 2016
Oh Tressa ....I do know what you're saying. They are thoughtless......I hope you're just having a trying morning and things soften soon. Praying peace on ya darlin. xo

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by jugglin, Jan 07, 2016
Do u have Correlle?  :) I'm sorry honey. Just keep praying to keep that negative energy away.  It was be in the air these days with DH's that are disrespectful.  Maybe all men are on the same menstrual cycle. Just pray that you maintain peace and calm when dealing with the can control your reactions but not their actions. You have come so far girl and worked so hard...don't let those a$$holes bring you down. Sending you a HUGE hug, prayers, and lots of love. xoxo

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by msdelight, Jan 07, 2016
If had some of my best moments hiding out in the bathroom! Don't give up. It's always darkest before the dawn. Hugs.

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by meegWpaw, Jan 07, 2016
I love you noni.  You are a gift.

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by nonights, Jan 08, 2016
Thank you ladies. Hubs was very apologetic last night. I made it clear to him that I cannot accept that kind of behavior.  He agreed it was mean. We will see. This pattern has been repeating itself our whole married life but miracles do happen. I will try to wait and give him and me a chance.

Having you guys in my life means the world to me and I thank you!

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