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My 13 Year Colitis Battle And How I Ended It (& it didn’t cost a penny)

Apr 18, 2010 - 24 comments







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I’ve been living with colitis since I was 19 years old. I’m now 32. After 13 years of dealing with a new flare-up every year or so, I want to share some things that have worked for me (and a few more that didn’t). I don’t have a medical background and I’m not a nutritionist, I’m just sharing my experience with those who are suffering and can’t seem to find a solution with doctors, meds and miracle cures.

Meds and Surgery:

One thing I’ve learned is that the meds and the surgeries don’t work. I’ve all the steroids and painkillers, which only cause dependency and don’t actually heal. If anything, they masked the underlying problem by prompting superficial stimulation. My colon muscles weren’t getting stronger, and all of the painful and annoying symptoms would continue. I would be able to eliminate, but never solidly or with any consistency in texture or timing. I remember enduring colonoscopies without anesthetic and having polyps removed when I was 20. The symptoms would lessen temporarily, but I would never heal. It took a while to realize that doctors (M.D.’s) weren’t interested in healing me. Better to neutralize the symptoms temporarily, say there’s no cure, and insure repeat business. Without launching into a conspiratorial tirade, suffice is to say that I’ve come to realize that this is the theme of the entire medical industry, with the exception of naturopaths, homeopaths and a select few M.D.’s who have integrity. And I’m not here to bash any doctor. But some things work and some things don’t.

OTC/Online/Miracle Cures and other pie-in-the-sky promises:

After the meds, I started trying different healing compounds and miracle cures, either over the counter in health food stores or online, after reading testimonial after testimonial. Nothing has ever ended a flare-up, other than good food. So much money wasted, lining the pockets of profiteers. Many products contain senna and cascara sagrada, which work well for a while but taper off in efficacy after a couple weeks. They’re also dependency-causing. Many promising herbs turn you into a gaseous human water fountain when over-relied upon, or not used properly with good, healing foods.

The Poop:

The idea is not to have an explosive release of gas, water and runny stools. The idea is for the colon to push everything out slowly, gently and solidly (resulting in a clean break, if you know what I mean). It should require little to no pushing. Matter should look brown to light brown, be semi-soft in texture, and float, indicating the body is getting enough fat and fiber.

How you detox:

If we detox too slowly, we don’t feel the benefits because we’re usually adding more toxins at the same time and redirecting energy the body could use for healing. When we detox too quickly with a miracle product, it puts more strain on the system, and then we feel sick and lethargic, as if the body is asking why we won’t let it detox naturally, slowly and consistently. The body detoxifies four ways: sweating, pooping, peeing and coughing (sleeping should probably be a fifth method, because it’s when we do the majority of our healing). Water cleans the system. Good food heals the system. Working out makes you sweat, clears out the lymphatic system and moves food through your system much more efficiently. How much better do you think you’d feel if you were detoxing all four ways and evacuating 2-3 times per day?


I usually get a flare-up a month or two after I quit smoking. Quitting cigarettes is easy for me, but it always triggers the colitis and I end up going back. It really used to infuriate me because I looked as if I had lost my resolve, when going back to nasty cigarettes has always been a conscious, pre-meditated decision. Proper diet has eliminated (pardon the pun) the constipation that leads to a flare-up that can last months on end.

The Flare-Ups:

Organic foods with live-enzymes, specialty wheat organic breads, rolled oats, oat bran (not in a box) have ended the mucus, bleeding, bloating, cramping, constipation, gas and overall strain. Straining only puts pressure on the necessary muscles. I know it’s difficult not to strain when you think you’re going to evacuate, but trying to hold it will help exercise and strengthen the muscles, and work the process naturally. When you’re sitting there and you hold it, and breathe, you can feel the muscles higher up in the colon participating in the process. The more they start to work on their own, the stronger they get, just like any other muscles in the body.  


I love juicing, however, it doesn’t work for me when I’m dealing with a flare-up. I would in fact recommend against it, unless it’s a small supplement to a meal. A juicing fast gives me lots of energy but there’s no fiber, so the muscles in my colon weren’t re-learning to do the work, so they weren’t strengthening. Fiber, both soluble and unsoluble, is necessary to push matter out.

The Raw Diet:

I must admit, the raw diet did work for me, but the process was extreme and I wasn’t able to maintain it. It seems like the healing that takes place in the colon, which took place within a week, weakened all of the other areas of the body. I slept really well, and woke up breathing better than I ever had. I was told that eventually my body would begin to strengthen again everywhere. I felt too weak, too tired and questioned the long term effects of the 80/10/10 diet. I think it was so effective healing the colon because I mostly ate bananas for the entire week, so it wasn’t what I was eating as much as what I wasn’t eating. The body was able to re-allocate all the energy previously used for digestion and thereby had extra energy to apply toward healing. The body is always trying to heal. We often inhibit the process with putting more and more junk into our systems…then it’s something else the body has to contend with before going back to the healing process.

What I eat:

I eat food, not food products. Every day I honor the four food groups, and not the ones the FDA keeps revising to manipulate meat and dairy sales. The four groups below are all we need. (credit to Dr. James, cited at bottom of page)

1) Water: The body needs water. Most of the time when we think we’re hungry, we’re dehydrated. The body is asking for water to hydrate us, lubricate the digestive system and help matter make it’s way through our system. Water cleanses the body better than anything else you could drink.

2) Starches: Complex sugars found in grains, vegetables and beans. The difference between a starch and a refined carbohydrate is, the fiber has been removed from a starch to create a carbohydrate. Brown rice=starch. White rice=carb. Carbohydrates do not exist in nature. They are created by man. Unbleached, naturally starchy foods heal the body, as opposed to hurting the body, because your body gets the fiber to push matter out. They give us the energy we need to do daily activities. These starchy foods give us important vitamins and minerals, too.

3) Proteins: Contained in varying amounts in veggies, fruits, grains, and in much larger amounts in beans, peas and meat. So it isn’t necessary to eat meat every day to meet your body’s protein requirements. Our body nerves, tissues, bones all are made up of proteins. So proteins become very necessary for them to grow and repair. Proteins are also used to produce some hormones and enzymes in our body and provide necessary amino acids.

4) Fats (oils): The body needs fat. It surrounds our vital organs and prevents essential fatty acid deficiency. It provides insulation under our skin and regulates temperature. It provides something to burn when we need be active. Fat is needed to absorb the fat soluble vitamins A, S, E, K, and prevent deficiencies of these vitamins. It provides back-up energy if blood sugar supplies run out (after 4-6 hours without food).
I usually like to eat more alkaline-based foods, like fruits, veggies and salads, but I find when I’m having a colitis flare-up, I absolutely need the organic oats and grains and the live-enzyme breads first and the alkaline-based produce second. Almond milk has done a great job of stimulating evacuation while giving me the protein I need. Organic brown rice works wonders with white meat. Rolled oats with organic toast and real butter for breakfast produces 1-2 good bowel movements before lunch. Stick to dark breads, dark rice; avoid bleached foods, which kill the naturally occurring nutrients and pro-biotics (we need those).  As far as the breads and rolled oats go, nothing else compares when it comes to healing. The process begins the first day and I can normalize within a week or two (meaning having the proper girth, consistency and frequency or regular bowel movements, two to three times per day).

Things that helped me:

• Exercise. A good workout will make everything start to work well. I sleep better, fall asleep easier, feel calm, strong and confident when I work out 3-4 times per week. Cardio before and after my lifting regimen limbers up the muscles and prevents the buildup of painful folic acid in the muscle tissue. When it comes to lifting, I mainly work chest, legs, arms and back; two muscle groups at a time, with 2-3 days between to let them heal. You build when you heal, the workout is just the tear-down process. I work the heck out of my legs and my abs, because my problem area is right between them. The largest muscles in the body are in the legs, so this is where we get the most hormone production, which is essential. A natural testosterone increase has made me feel strong again. Working the core and doing abs workouts allows me to feel more of the muscles on top of my problem area, which creates all kinds of new stimulation, naturally. Exercise and strengthen the core and you will see magic happen.

• Not eating 2-3 hours before working out or going to bed. When you sleep or work out, you want to be in a fat-burning state, not a carb-burning state. Snacking beforehand increases your insulin levels and tells the body there’s new carbs, and the body says okay, we’ll burn that first, so we don’t burn bodyfat, because we might need it in a survival situation.

• Breathing…so important. The muscles need oxygen to function properly. The organs too. You’ll be calmer and thereby experience much less anxiety about being able to poop. Plainly put.

• Acupuncture aligns the meridians redistributes the chi, and the results are amazing. Weekly treatments have the best results. Acupuncture isn’t necessary for me to heal but it speeds up the process.

• Practice effective food combining; don’t eat a million things at once. Keep it to two or three if you can and see what simplicity does to aid you. I use this food chart:
Things that hurt me:

• Smoking cigarettes. The chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes put a heavy load on the entire system, especially the colon, which is responsible for eliminating toxins from the intestines, blood and lymph systems, and move waste into the rectum. This is a lot of work to do without adding more to tend with. Quitting smoking does cause temporary constipation, but if you add in extra organic breads, brown rice and rolled oats, you won’t have to fool yourself into thinking YOU HAVE to go back to smoking, because you’ll never be constipated.

• Being inactive. Why aren’t things moving? It stands to reason that if you’re never moving, your insides won’t either. I’m sure that’s a simplified assessment, but a little activity goes a long way. The blood starts pumping, you start sweating, everything seems to want to work in unison and then you ask yourself why it wasn’t always so easy. And then you realize it could have been, and from now on, it will be. Working out alone has played a major role in increased, healthy elimination for me.

• Being a pessimist and throwing myself a pity party. Do the steps, know and believe you’ll heal, visualize your new self, and let it happen. Knowing that the healing is not a complicated, lengthy process reduces a lot of stress. And if you say you won’t heal, you won’t. If you reaffirm that the body is healing, it will follow suit, I promise.

• Drinking alcohol, sodas and energy drinks. It’s all passing through your colon. These drinks wash the nutrients out of your food, inhibit digestion and make you crash. Drink more water. Do tea and coffee sparingly.

• Eating junk food, fast food, pre-packaged food, dead food which isn’t food, too much of any one type of food throughout the day. Excessive condiments just add more to the load. Learn to taste your food again, understanding that taking the more basic route is giving your body less to deal with.

• Expecting herbs, meds and miracle cures to heal me. They may help, but diet reigns supreme, and will dictate whether you’re going to heal or just attack the symptoms.


I try to have a piece of fruit with everything I eat. I don’t necessarily follow the proper food combining methods laid out by the Diamonds, in Fit For Life, for instance, I just know what works for me. An hour or so after I’ve had my toast (with real butter) and my rolled oats, my body tells me it wants some fruit to help move things.  At lunch if I have a salad or a sandwich (with organic meat/cheese), an hour or so later it tells me it wants another piece of fruit. By dinner, after a day oats, grains, fiber, fruits and veggies, my body is ready for a small helping of fish, turkey, chicken or pork chops, to help move things through. It all comes down to balance and the body strengthening from the proper texture, fiber and nutrients from organic, healthy foods. This is still amazing to me, after years of having to wait 2-3 days at a time for one halfway decent and sometimes painful bowel movement.

The overall lessons I’ve learned:

Use foods to heal. Always try to buy organic. Combine effectively. Eat smaller portions 5-7 times per day. Don’t eat too many different things at once. (simplicity makes it easier for the body). Don’t eat 2-3 hours before working out or sleeping. Drink water between meals and during workouts.

None of the extreme methods and/or products will end the battle. It’s not magic. It’s basically just us doing what we’ve already been doing, just eating better, eating more often, eating smaller portions, drinking more water, removing some of the crap, exercising a little more (after no food for 2-3 hours), sleeping a little more (on a regular schedule and also after no food for 2-3 hours), imagining ourselves healed, and demonstrating general common sense with our health decisions.

I’d like to acknowledge that any doctor could poke holes through my advice. But they weren’t able to heal me after 13 years, with all of their amazing science and medical degrees, and food did. My battle with Colitis is over. I’ve won. If this helps one person, I’ll be so grateful for the difference it could make in that one life. I remembered when Colitis affected me so drastically that I spent a good deal of time seriously contemplating suicide. I was too scared that I would mess it up and wind up living in a mental institution for the rest of my life. I’m only 32, and I’m an otherwise intelligent, well-balanced, normal, good-looking and healthy guy. I have my whole life ahead of me now. And so do you.

I’m not an expert (on this subject or any other for that matter) but if you think I can help you, feel free to email me @ ***@****.

You may also find the information on very helpful. It’s a great reference guide. Dr. James’ daughter, Jess, is a good friend of mine. Dr. James isn’t in for the money. He truly wants to help people, and I have him and Jess to thank for my healing.

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by sammyjay, Jul 09, 2010
Your story is so clearly written and really hits home with me. It's everything I know already but haven't put in one place. I'm printing out a copy to read now and then as a reminder on my road to recovery. I've had ulcerative colitis for more than 10 years. In the past I made isolated efforts to naturally address the problem but not always in a relaxed, positive frame of mind. And not all the suggestions mentioned in your journal entry at once. Recently, though, I've rethought my approach and have been quite by coincidence, doing and not doing basically as you outlined. It's so nice to get reinforcement!

Avatar universal
by fdl81, Aug 15, 2010
If I get up at 7:30am go play basketball for 30 minutes everyday.  Drink water during and after workout.  Come back have a kashi frozen entree and then drink water the rest of the day will that help me recover, or do I need 3 to 5 meals through out the day.  My condition has stopped me from working.  So what should I do the rest of the day.  

Avatar universal
by Maria2007, Mar 18, 2013
Hello, I just read your story last night, Im just wondering how you are doing and if you are still medication and flare-free today? Im 4 years in with ulcerative proctitis, Im 29 yrs old, and terrified. Ive been in a flare for the last 2 years and just cant seem to get it into remission. :(

Avatar universal
by Jonny1989, Mar 21, 2013
Try the SCD diet out people, seriously it has worked wonders for me. I got diagnosed 2 years ago with severe uc and am now med free with hardly any symptoms. It has to be followed strictly but it is worth it.

Avatar universal
by vic900, Apr 04, 2013
Hi I've had uc for 5 years 4severe flare ups steroids don't work I'm 6 months in to a flare up and nothing is working and got to kids to look after I really need to beat this what is the scd diet . This story really as made me think it's all about food even thou the doc is telling me food doesn't really matter .

Avatar universal
by preza73, Apr 19, 2013
i kinda of get the food combining chart but not really. all the arrows are distracting. Can someone help me? ***@****

Avatar universal
by sitadevi, Jun 14, 2013
Hi! Thank you so much for posting this :)
At the moment I have a flare up (UC) and the fruits lately only made it worse, just like the wheatgrass shots I drank for a while. What you wrote I recognize and what you said about bananas, I experience too (I'm on 30BaD since '09), they're normally the only fruit I can digest but now I can only have 1 bananasmoothie in stead of about 2 liters/day and plain bananas, some warmed up fresh veg juice (no salads yet)  and cooked veggies. Thanks to the many bananas I was doing very well for some time and could build up a nice physical workout: Ashtanga yoga at least 4 times a week, I was regularly running too, but now I have to step back a bit for I don't know where I can get the calories from. Oats and grains, even millet give me problems in my joints and also dry eyes. Fats I cannot have and I wonder if that is because I eat/ate so many bananas.
I'm 58 years old and have UC for 15 years with ups and downs, they seem smoking/quitting related: since I started 2-5 a day it seemed to help immediately, but at the moment they don't help at all and I hope to replace them with Ashtanga (which is said to be able to cure any disease, when practiced daily).
What I would love to know, are you still colitis free and able to eat a varied diet with brown rice etc. occasionally meat, eggs etc.? I'm all for a vegan lifestyle, but more for healing and don't have a problem with other lifestyles that bring health.
I hope you're doing well :) Best wishes, Sita

Avatar universal
by Doni_D, Dec 08, 2013
Just read the whole thing and wanted to say this much: Thank You! I'm 31 and just got diagnosed with UC, mild case of it but enogh to put my life upside down.
Your story is very touching and motivating and based on my experiance so far, what you say is right on. I just have to follow through with it, stop cheating and stop abusing myself (notsleeping and working too hard). Again, thank you for putting it all in one place for us.

Avatar universal
by Gruffers, Mar 06, 2014
I have found that a balanced, healthy, diet like described above is helpful in living a more comfortable life.  While I cannot attribute all of my health to my diet I can say that my days are more manageable, with 3 to 5 bathroom visits a day and not 10+.  

For medications, if you're on steroids like prednisone I would suggest getting off them as fast as you can.  Prednisone made me miserable and many I have talk with about taking prednisone felt the same.  Depending on your personal medication régime, I would recommend taking vitamins daily. Not insane amounts of vitamins mind you, just basic ones to ensure you have the right nutrients in your body somehow, someway.  Certain foods do cause a lot of problems, these include: dairy products like milk, peanuts and most other nuts, peanut derivatives and yes this includes peanut butter and Reese's peanut butter cups which have been a great loss for me, too much meat or protein in any one sitting, any type of protein supplements like creatine or away protein, greasy foods, and others that seem to be a lot more dependent on the individual.

As I stated above my diet is not the ultimate solution for myself.  What has kept me off prednisone and away from major flareups has been medication. If you have not tried it for not even heard about it I would recommend remicaid to anyone and everyone with UC. Known people to use humira great success as well.  With Remicade I'm on a six week cycle, and have been doing this for the past seven years.  Although I still feel like I am trapped inside my body since my ulcerative Colitis appeared at the unfortunate age of 21, every day I feel like I gain a little more ground on regaining control of my life. What is been the most frustrating part of it all is that it does not occur overnight.  You continually have to remind yourself that you will get there eventually, you will have setbacks and flareups however you will be better prepared to overcome them.  

Avatar universal
by Ssk28, Apr 13, 2014
I have been diagonised with uc from four years.i was steriods for four months still it did not work.i went to india and showed to a Homeopathic doctor as ladt attempt.H e sujjested some medicine which worked wonders for me.
After taking that medicine for six months i completely stopped allopathy and on Homeopathis medicine now.
After taking that i did not take care about my diet.
I ate everything and did my daily activities without any disturbance and diffulties.
Its been three yrs on that mefication no flareups no symtopms.
Thank god to the person who sujjested me and great thanks to the homeopathis doctor who bought  miracle in my life.

Avatar universal
by rmm14, May 01, 2014
Ssk28, can you please share the name of the Homeopathic doctor and his/her location? Thanks

Avatar universal
by Bodzz, Jul 30, 2014
things that helpmed me get UC into remission..
1. Multivitamin 2 different brands taking 1 each day switching brands every other day,
2. Serrapeptase (do not take anti inflammatories with this or you will cause bleeding, and take on empty stomach in morning at like 8am and at like 8pm [every 12 hours]
3. Probiotics. work your way up from once a day to 3 times a day if you can, i used 3 different ones.  20 billion 3 strain one in the morning half an hour after my serrapeptase, a 8 strain one in the afternoon. Finally i used a 29 strain soiled based probiotic before bed (quite expensive but worth it)
4. i take emulsified vitamin D liquid.. the multivitamin has vitamin D in it anyway so i just take an extra 2 drops.
5. (try for 1 week drinking 'Distilled water' [boil water then capture the vapour into a sepearate bottle/ bowl] but while you do this buy a mineral replacement drink. Lucozade sport, powerade if you need to.. I used a chemist strength nasty tasting sachet version but by doing  this you are helping your body detox while also keeping good minerals you will lose through distilled water. Distilled water is dangerous  for long periods regardless of what anyone says so a week at a time and no more.
6. excercise, i walk for 20 minutes twice a day and also do sprint techniques. (I would not advise doing long distance workouts as this is just extra stress your body does not need, yoga although boring at first when i got really determined i actually changed myself and started enjoying it because of how i felt)
7. Meditation. it can simply be going somewhere quiet and trying to think of nothing other then love.. Or to rest the mind,
8. sleep and routine. Eat at the same time each day sleep when it is dark and quiet and if you have to set an alarm make it a quiet one that is quite a relaxing sound not like a massive stressfull sounding sound. i found that after i as in routine i did not need an alarm clock. i was sleeping well most of the time and eventually was waking up when i needed to.
9. Have sex everyday or alternatively masterbate every other day.
10. DO NOT watch any television or use any electrical goods 1 hour before sleep. You need to rest your brain and this is done through not using your brain, I prefer taking a shower nice and warm then i make it go alot cooler but not cold, then finish off with it being warm again.
11. Hygeine. brush teeth twice a day preferably with less chemicals in as possible, i use aloe vera based tooth paste and on the weekends use a colgate with listerine mouth wash and change my bed sheets every saturday,
12, erythromicin and ranitidine. (Antibiotic and acid reflux meds) i started by taking erythromicin for 1 week 4 times a day 250mg and then reduced to twice a day for 5 weeks whilst also taking the ranitidine 150mg twice a day.
13. Put a couple of books under your bed so that you are tiltling your bed at an angle, but only a slight angle
14. Get a indoor plant that is good for improving air quality and getting rid of negative ions in the air as well as removing carbon dioxide.
15. if you live somewhere that is noisy get ear plugs for when you sleep and get a face mask if needs be for darkness, i prefer blinds with black curtains that are designed to keep the room pitch black.
16. i bought a fan but i do not have it blowing on me, i have it blowing away from me to circulate the air in the room..
17. laugh. Do things that make you laugh and avoid things that make you stressed/ feel anxious. Realise when you feel anxious and then teach yourself to think different about it as in making something you get nervous about something you could not care about as it will not hurt you nor should it matter to you.
18. water. Sip water regularly, Sipping is key
19. fibre, i use konjac fibre. I also when i eat something like organic porrige oats include organic maca root powder mixed nuts and berries and seeds and add in L-glutamine.
20. Amino acids, focus on a wide variety amino acid your body makes amino acids but some it does not make. I supplement on one of them at my main mail at lunch as well as taking a digestive enzyme such as UDO's choice.
21. socialise. loneliness is not something anyone shold be talk to people, go to a community center if you have to, call your family.
22. know that what is done is done and forgive yourself, speak to a counsellor and tell them everything, dont think they will judge i was thinking i was wasting my time but when i went often i realised my worries went away. Ifound this helpful because it was someone i do not know and they do not know me. if you are a male, see a female, ifyou are a female see a male but do not get attracted to them.
23. avoid bad food as much as possible, i miss my sweets but feel alot healthier. serrapeptase like i said earlier is a good one but its not a miracle cure without good food, see a dietition and good luck.
(i do other things a well but thought this would be useful) remember we live in a world full of stress.
Food is toxic, the air is toxic, work, tele and even our own personality. Aim at being as relaxed as possible and with hard work and diet you will be able to remove 99% of symptoms. all i know is it may not work for everyone but it helped me and i feel alot better and embrace life more. good luck

Avatar universal
by moni_1988, Oct 06, 2014
Hi friends, i am suffering from UC since 9 years :-( and tried almost all suggestions. few days i will be ok and again problems starts. i tried the suggestions given in this blog and felt very good for 2 to 3 weeks but later my symptoms back again. now i am following this but dont know whether it will cure or not. will update you if i cure.

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by Libera86, Nov 22, 2014
Good one and close enough to what helped me. I gave up on doctors on year 3 right after they told me to "take all pills at the same time and one could eventually work and if not, you could always have a surgery". I threw the pills away and started fasting. I could not exercise at that time as I had severe anemia with HGB levels of under 70 and practically no iron in my blood. My first water fast was a nightmare - it lasted six days of the intended 12 and while I was only drinking water I was pooping up to 20 times a day masses of "stuff" that was all but smoking in the toilet - it was burning me and even when I touched it with my hand it left burning sensation. I had to cut the fast short as my blood was so toxic I could not walk or get out of bed. However, after going trough the 10 day post-fast diet I actually felt much better and the bleeding decreased a lot. I realised that was the first time I actually felt some improvement since the start. Two months later I prepared myself for a second fast (did not eat anything toxic in between those and did not take any toxic pills either). This time it lasted 12 days and same story - I was not eating anything, only drinking water and home made herbal tea but managed to poop app. 3kg (6lbs) of stuff. We gave it for testing and discovered all sorts of cells and tissues there to go with very weird chemical components. Two further fasts followed - 12 days each and my first doctor visit, which revealed the following:

Pre-fasting results:
Pancolitis, Ileitis, Enteritis, Gastritis, severe anemia, 20 toilet visits a day

Post-fasting results:
Pancolitis shrunk to left-sided colitis with the rest of the colon healthy
No ileitis
No enteritis
No gastritis
Anemia improved significantly (yes, from fasting as strange as it sounds)
Toilet visits down to around 8-10 a day

Now I continue this way and after 4 further fasts the tests show only proctitis, almost no bleeding and if I stay out of problematic toxic foods, I feel pretty much 90% fine. Will continue fasting until it clears out completely but it keeps getting more difficult as when you feel better you want to do those things you did when you were healthy and eat the same trash - I try to limit the intake of foods such as red meats, gluten and sugar to no more than 1-2 times a week.
The bottom line is - Fasting saved my life!

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by JimDunn, Dec 28, 2014
Great thread people!  I suffered with crohns or colitis (I am in Canada [we have worse healthcare than Africa) so even after seeing 3 specialists over a 15 year period they can't decide the exact diagnosis.  Dr's appear to be pretty useless with systemic illness (I detected this right away) so I have never taken any strong course of meds (except the time they almost killed me by giving me an infection via colonoscopy I took prednisone)
Anyhoo I digress ... I have tried many natural remedies (SCD, fasting (water and juice) psyllium, bentonite -- these were all very helpful)

Now I have heard that _eating_ not smoking cannabis oil is a one day cure and am thinking of moving to Colorado to try this.  Anyone ever tried such a thing?  

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by Glelle, Dec 30, 2014
Thank you for putting your story out here.
I went to the Dr for hip pain and was finally DXed with Diverticulitis about a month ago, then no it's Colitis. The only treatment they gave me was 4 antibiotics. Which left me nauseated, and uninterested in eating. I had assistance from alternative practitioners and finally started doing it my way. I cancelled a colonoscopy, which was scheduled yesterday. And this AM realized once again that dehydration is causing most of my symptoms.
I've looked at tons of diets on the web and have frankly been scared to eat, afraid I'd combine or just eat the wrong thing.
I'm on the right track now and I appreciate your confirmation of that. I decided I wanted Oatmeal. And I searched the web and found your blog.
Thanks so much, I realize we all react differently and I have to rely in MY body to lead me.

Avatar universal
by Sweetcheeks8813, Jan 12, 2016
I was JUST hospitalized and diagnosed with colitis. It has been so hard learning ways to help my colon strengthen and work properly. Your story hit home and has made me understand what I need to do to get better and stay better. Thank you for sharing!!!

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by OmahaDav, Jan 17, 2016
I have had UC for 35 years I have finally come up with some that helps me I take 2 oz of Aloe Vera Juice every three hours when I am up and 1 tea spoon of liquid chlorophyll a day. I only drink distilled. I also take 1000 mg of Turmeric, Wheatgrass, Folic Acid, I also take a multivitamin, fish oil.tablet I have been on this for 1 year and can't believe it no flair up not much gas. colon not in a turmoil (HOPE THIS MAY HELP SOMEONE)

Avatar universal
by OmahaDav, Jan 17, 2016
One other thing I don't Drink pop, soda, coffee, teas, alcohol. I only drink Distilled Water

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by Jaypbean, Mar 22, 2016
A diet change has made a huge difference in my case.  I was disagnosed with UC in 2002.  Balsalzide was successful in mostly bringing my symptoms under control, but I still experienced occasional flares.   I learned to strictly avoid foods with trans fats or a lot of mono and diglycerides.  But the real breakthrough happened after I lost my job in 2012.  Afraid I was running out of money, I almost entirely stopped eating meat and planted a garden.  I relied on whole grains and legumes (beans and rice with greens and other veggies) I also ate a lot of cabbage during winter months when garden was out of production.  Within six months I no longer had symptoms.  My insurance lapsed and I could no longer afford medication.   To my happy surprise my symptoms did not return.  This was later verified by colonoscopy, and I have been medication free and largely symptom free since then.   I do eat some meat, but through adding in various foods one at a time, I discovered that beef in particular causes a fairly severe reaction so I avoid it entirely.  I very rarely if ever eat any other mammalian meats but do eat dairy, especially homemade yogurt with no sugar added.  I try to eat no processed food and strictly limit sugar and other simple or refined carbs.  It may not be for everyone, but it has worked for me.   I eat at least a serving of dried beans or peas (love lentils) every day if at all possible.  I also try to eat some cabbage family greens (mustard, turnip, Brussels sprouts, ect.) as well as some yogurt (no sugar!) and other lactic acid batcteria fermented food every day.   I also eat a lot of turmeric and curried foods.

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by Mr_UC_Bravo, Feb 14, 2017
Hi All,

I hope you are all doing well.

Tomorrow I will be starting a vegan healing plan with Dr David Klein to try and heal my Ulcerative Colitis.

I've have had this condition since I was 22, so 10 years now. I've been on all the medications out there, including many years of prednisone and Imuran and most recently infusions. I've tried SCD and most recently GAPS on and off for 18 months, however I never had the will power and strength to get through the Intro diet on GAPS, so kept having to restart after breaking the diet as I could not get through the cravings and always being hungry.
I have a strong feeling that this is linked with emotional issues mainly being self dissatisfaction. This has led me to believe that I need to look at healing my Colitis from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective, which is why I plan to see a therapist while doing the Vegan Healing Diet. I think that most people who have Colitis are generally anxious, not able to manage stress effectively and have some emotional baggage which needs to be worked through ( like most people I guess!) as well as the environment we set for our bodies through diet, sleeping conditions, etc. In my opinion I need to take a holistic approach this time round, so we'll see how that works! I would say I restarted the Gaps intro diet about 25 times, so was really a bad time for me. I've seen many naturopaths too.

A few weeks ago my stepfather found Dr David Klein by accident while searching the net to find out if a vegan diet would help with the Colitis since he is a vegetarian. I really did not want to give up meat as it is my favourite food and I felt that bone broths were something that made a big difference to my Colitis. But, as I had tried everything else, I felt that I had to give it a try as I read through many of the testimonials on Dr Kleins website who had healed themselves on this particular diet and had been symptom free for many years. I was very skeptical as there is so much rubbish out there on the net for miracle cures, however I had never seen so many testimonials in my life, so thought what the hell, I'll try and get in touch with this guy and see where it takes me! The website is Colitis and Crohns Health Recovery Centre. I think the fact that this Dr specialised in Colitis and actually had Colitis when he was young and had self healed through this diet made it seem more possible to achieve a good outcome.

So I got in contact with him and we had a Skype Consult after I read his book (all 300 pages!). Basically he teaches that our bodies self heal if given the right conditions, such as diet, environment, etc.

I'm starting the diet tomorrow and I'll tell you exactly what I'm doing each day and how I'm feeling and hopefully you guys can support me through it as I know it will be the hardest thing I've ever done, but I'm going to get my life back and I'm hopefully going to be able to help as many people as possible get theirs back as they so deserve. We are such a unique amazing tribe of people with big hearts and adventurous spirits. We deserve not just to live a normal life but to live an amazing life, so wish me luck and I'll keep you guys posted every step of my journey.

I've never posted in a forum before so it's a bit strange letting all these feelings out but I'm glad I'm doing it. See you all tomorrow for Day 1!  

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by Mr_UC_Bravo, Feb 14, 2017
Hey all! For anyone interested, I'm going to be putting my updates on My username is Juan_UC_Bravo. All the best

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by receiver_1, Mar 06, 2017
I want to thank (and it didn't cost a penny) for sharing your story I was diagnose with UC in March 2016 and am in the process of changing my diet, my food is being change out for organic only. I have been trying a lot of different diets.(I was spending like I am a billionaire! My health is no where to what I use to be i must say but I will be taking your advice(who says you can't learn from a younger person.I like to tell you that your forum was very well written.

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by lindaglenn, Jun 01, 2017
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