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Jan 09, 2016 - 0 comments

Star Wars


special interests



i'm seeing star wars again today! i think it might be a good day. i've been really anxious lately and only really talking to my brother and josephine (my cousin). there are a lot of shows on the television about abuse and sexual assault, but it makes me feel better about my situation for some reason. i guess that's kind of sick.

i'm pretty excited to see star wars though, i might bring my action figure (i've been bringing him everywhere with me anyway). i had to come home sick from school yesterday and my stomach is still a little off, but i'm going to go to the movies anyway. i wonder if everyone will scream in the theatre like they did the first time i saw it, that was very loud and stressful. when the millennium falcon appeared everyone was super psyched!

i'm going to be pretty happy when i get to see kylo ren again though! it's too bad that josephine doesn't like him, at least she lets me talk about him constantly though. oh! i also got a cool extension at where my gmail loading screen in a lightsaber now!

okay, i'll probably update this later, even if it's mostly about star wars now. i have something other than sherlock to learn more about! two special interests is better than one!

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