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Limbo update

Jan 09, 2016 - 2 comments

I see two neurologists this month.  Update from general neuro appointment is here ->

I see my ms neuro on the 21st.  I also have a referral to a physiatrist which I'm grateful for, since dx or no, I need help with movement etc.

I've been having an incredibly difficult time this winter emotionally with respect to no answers. I would have thought after three years I would be settled in limbo, but it's actually been tougher recently.  Probably because I continue with three relapses a year, and hit roadblocks because there is no diagnosis.  I dislocated my knee August 2015 because of foot drop and muscle weakness -- lengthy recovery and can't be braced because of the confusion of what is actually wrong.

This year, relapses in March (6 weeks -- bladder/legs), end of July (3 weeks palate weakness/swallowing/choking/speech but the lack of sleep due to this relapse and the knee issue ended up causing 3.5 weeks of vision issues in September), and December (4 weeks -- cognitive/speech and massive fatigue).

It gets old :P.

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12080135 tn?1453627571
by ConfirmedRachel, Jan 10, 2016
Just cr*p chick, gets tough keeping trekking along some days I expect. Is your MS Neuro good have you found? Second opinion?

5265383 tn?1483808356
by aspen2, Jan 10, 2016
I am unable to travel for a second opinion (ms neuro wise -- would mean six hours driving in a day and I would need someone to take me).  This neuro was sort of a second opinion --
Requested by my neuro so someone with "fresh eyes" could see me (i.e. Stop bothering me).  

Unfortunately, with neuromuscular stuff ruled
Out and this neuro also saying central nervous system,'I'm right back in my ms neuro's office again.  Which isn't a productive place so far :(.  

I would love to stay with this guy .. He actually is trying to help my physical issues, unlike ms neuro, who I see again in two weeks.  I am dreading that appointment.

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