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Day 34; Tramadol Cold Turkey Withdrawal

Jul 23, 2008 - 31 comments





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34 days




immune system crash

Day 34; Tramadol Cold Turkey Withdrawal

Dear Friends;

Well it's official I now have Bronchitis. I have to rest and prevent it from going into pneumonia.

So no work this week. Which means no income. Which means money going out, no money coming in. A couple nights ago I stood and PRAYED ... "Just show me and send me what I need."

So apparently HP needs me to rest, and not work and whatever the effects of that; I am still clean! I am still NOT on Tramadol! I said it before. Nothing is more important to me than being clean of this ****.

I am weak like a kitten. I am drinking water and distracting myself and soon, when I get energy I need  to find the inhaler that I use in the middle of the night.  I have everything I need. VICKS. Steamers, liquid Vicks. Z-Pac.

This morning I woke up and could barely speak. Now I can speak very softly; but not yell.

LOL. Which is sad. I also cough and sound exactly like a barking dog. Which freaks out the cats!

However. No back pain. Very little leg pain. DO you understand I have had pain since 2000? And getting so much worse in this last year I was sure I was on the way to the knife!? Which would have been a disaster! Because the low back pain and  the right sciatica pain was being CAUSED BY THE TRAMADOL!?

It's been YEARS since I haven't had to pack my back with ice to sleep. It feels so strange NOT to have pain. Luckily ... LOL ... I am adjusting.

I spoke with my friend who is a recovering ahololic and she wrote, "And getting sick in recovery?  You're right on schedule, my friend!  I got sober with 10-12 others (I just wandered into AA, no treatment forced me into that), and we'd joke about the bad, bad colds we constantly had.  It didn't help matters that we'd hold hands to say the prayer at the end of a meeting and then go smoke, but I caught every dang bug going around, starting right around 30 days sober.  It will pass, and get better along with the rest of it.  You're doing all the right things with the vitamins, eating well, etc.  It's just that your poor l'il body needs to adjust."

Wow. I like how no one tell you ... oh yeah ... your immune system will probably crash as you detox. LOL! *le sigh*

The main goal? Not t have it turn into pneumonia.

Cause Pneumonia can kill you D-E-F as Eddie Murphy used to say on SNL ...

So ... all is well. This is the last Hoorah of the Tramadol I think.

Poison leaving all ways. This is like poison leaving thru sinuses, but then turning around to but me in the A$$, in the form of bronchitis. I was ready for it. I'm all stocked up, because it has happened before. Just have to e aggressive abut the physical medicine. Lots of VICKS, hot steam .... and NO exertion which would push the bacteria deeper into the lobes of the lungs!

And how are all of the rest of my Trama-Poison friends doin this fine evening?

Everyone hanging in there?

It's freaking poison. They lied! But knowledge is power, and we have each other to work it all thru! We're all going to make a full recovery.

Everyone taking your vitamins? Drinking enough water? Basic supportive care. B-12 sublinguals all around!  

Love and healing,

A poem from old SNL w/ Eddie Murphy when he was VERY funny ...

[Camera trucks up and forward to reveal the occupant of the maximum security cell: Tyrone Green, psychotic young African-American male.]

Narrator: Tyrone Greene is this year's winner.

Tyrone Greene: [angrily intense, directly into camera]
Images by Tyrone Greene ...
Dark and lonely on the summer night.
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
Watchdog barking - Do he bite?
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
Slip in his window,
Break his neck!
Then his house
I start to wreck!
Got no reason --
What the heck!
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
C-I-L-L ...
My land - lord ...

C-I-L-L Tramadoal! Def!

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by TramaPaul, Jul 23, 2008
Today was a good day. I had a freaky hour in the afternoon where my attention went south with my legs and I felt like a pool of water, but then I ate and everything reached equilibrium. You all were right about day 7, it's the first day I can honestly say that I feel okay. Hope you all do to.



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by seekingbetterdays, Jul 24, 2008
Good morning EmilyPost,

Sorry to hear you're still sick.  Not having pain is nothing short of a miracle!  GREAT!   Tramadal was killing you dead, wasn't it?  You are living, breathing, proof.  Thanks for that!

My first introduction to your writings / feelings was your DAY 11 Journal.  I stuck around to hear more, and it made a difference as I started my jouney.

At the time I first read it, I could not fathum how I could ever be 'Day 11'.



Good morning All,

DAY 11 for me.  The fog and fatigue still rolls in and out, but seems less each day.  I’m using a new weapon against fatigue.  100% HONEY.  

A Tbsp. of Honey provides a short burst of evenly delivered pure energy. 1 Tbsp is  60 cal. total energy which delivers at an even flow of 2 cal. per minute to your bloodstream.  

It lasts about 20-30 minutes, but, still good if you have daunting short term task – like driving to work – and the “Tramadol-Poison Withdrawal Brigade” has decided to lay siege to your body.

Like many things, it doesn't seem to be a cure, but a short term noticeable help.  Help is a good thing.  I’m told that runners use this before and after races for fatigue.  It never spoils in your stomach.  Nothing in nature -- nor your body -- can spoil it.  It can only be metabolized.  Just thought I’d mention it in case it helps you or anyone else.

Headed to work now.  Feeling good, but haven't had a solid good day yet.  The "Tramadol Demon Brigade' is probably planning an ambush sometime today as usual.  Four years is along time to be on Tramadaol.  There's hell to pay, and I'm paying .  

Each day, Tramadol is losing its grip.  It is noticable.  While it remains a factor in my life, it is no longer in charge -- I am.  I will fight to the finish.

For those in the first week, I know it looks grim.  FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Stand your ground.  I know tramadol withdrawals are kicking your butt as it fdid mine.  It's a cruel and jealous master, especially when you turn your back on it.  It gets BETTER!

Summon all your strength and make it.   It feels really good when you start taking your life back.   REALLY GOOD!!

Wishing peace and success to all !

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by DeseretRain, Jul 24, 2008
Sorry to hear you're sick, hope you feel better soon. I actually feel better than I did on day of the biggest problems right now is the stomach/intestine/nausea problems, it's pretty bad. I'm also getting these "stabs" of sleepiness...I don't know how else to describe's like all of a sudden my head pounds and for a second I feel as if I'm about to fall asleep, then the feeling recedes and several seconds later I get another one. I feel exhausted constantly, but the "sleepiness stabs" are different than exhaustion, they make me feel like I'm actually about to fall asleep. I just woke up after sleeping for around 7-8 hours and I'm still getting them.

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by EmilyPost, Jul 24, 2008
Good Afternoon Friends;

TramaPaul, Oh I am so happy that you also found Day 7 to be a nice turn around. How strange that almost all of us are finding that to be true. I love the description, "I felt like a pool of water, " because I had never quite put my finger on that sensation. Yes, it feels like being made of water. Heavy, hard to move. TramaPaul I am so glad it only lasted for an hour! That's wonderful!  (((Hugs))) Also I read your journal and you talked about how playing guitar and singing gave you relief. I thought that was really interesting because man of us have reported that just listening to music helps.

Laying in bed? Not helpful!

Plamp was the Fight That Tramadol Ninja Genius who came up with switch to the couch. I am so much better if I am not on the couch.

I think that the last time the Drug Voices came for me relentlessly was a few days ago. I spent time that day looking up studies on Tramadol and that helped.

Seeking Better Days,

YAY!!! DAY 11! That is wonderful! I'm glad you stuck around and that you found Day 11. I feel like I am more coherent now, and I am so glad you stayed to share you own experiences with us.

Yes, I actually couldn't find anyone who reported in detail on their withdrawal from Tramadol. I found a really long thread back in 2003, which is how I found MedHelp, but I didn't find any details about what it was going to be like. I realize everyone is different, but I thought that maybe I should just create a journal and pack it with a ton of hopefully helpful info and HOPE about overcoming and quitting Tramadol.

It just seemed logical at the time.

Plus I do a great deal of writing, and I type super fast. Except in early withdrawal. When I could barely see the screen of the computer. Days 1-4. Day 7, it got better.

100% Honey is fantastic! I absolutely agree! Perfect! Nice tip! I love the term "Tramadol-Poison Withdrawal Brigade" LOL! It's funny in that way that things are kinda tragic, true and funny at the same time! Yes, Help is a good thing.

You write, "Each day, Tramadol is losing its grip.  It is noticeable.  While it remains a factor in my life, it is no longer in charge -- I am.  I will fight to the finish."

Excellent! I also agree, it is no longer in charge. I am. I remember being able to feel my heart again. Being flooded with emotion. And it was good, even if I were say, crying, because in the end I felt like a Robot. I'm pretty sure that alot of emotion comes out because Tramadol made me so numb, and kinda emotionally hard. Which by nature, I am not.

I also have no Tramadol joint pain, I have no Tramadol brain fog, I have no Tramadol Drug voices. None. I also have no stomach pain and I was wondering if my stomach would ever heal! It seems like it has. I realize it can come back, but it feels nice not to have the symptoms of Tramadol Withdrawal.

I agree with what seeking Better Days wrote;

"For those in the first week, I know it looks grim.  FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Stand your ground.  I know tramadol withdrawals are kicking your butt as it fdid mine.  It's a cruel and jealous master, especially when you turn your back on it.  It gets BETTER!

Summon all your strength and make it.   It feels really good when you start taking your life back.   REALLY GOOD!!"

It really does feel good once you kick this stuff down. As it leaves your system it has a nasty backlash, but it does leave. Even if you have been on it a good long while. I was on for 4-5 years. I honestly don't recall the exact time. But the Doctors assured me oyt was ok.

In fact, it was CAUSING the PAIN. I do have real MRI's that show Disc injury. I have an EMG that shows S1 Neuropathy, but now, no need for any pain medicine at all. An occasional ice pack is all it takes. Massive and total MIRACLE!

Thank you for sharing your story and fighting the good fight with us SeekingBetterDays!  




Thank you for the get well wishes. I am sure rest and fluids and antibiotics will take care of it and then I will be thru the storm.

Thank ALL of you for the get well wishes!

I am so glad you are feeling a bit better and you slept.  The intestinal/nausea problems come from the opiate receptors in your intestine. They are mad they aren't getting tramadol.

Immodium AD works well for that. I finally figured out I could take just one and it would soothe that pain for about 30 minutes.

Your body is exhausted. The stabs of sleepiness sound alot like what I was calling my "brain surgery" or "My brain wires" being reconnected. It felt like some unknown force wanted to sew the two sides of  my brain back together.

The pounding headache I know. Lots of water! 150 ounces, I would usually get 100 but I would put powdered vitamins in it and that helped alot. Also Tramadol destroyed my hunger mechanism and it is still gone, so I have to remember to eat and to drink.

Eating helps. I'm glad you are sleeping 7-8 hours. Wonderful!

It will get better, review all the vitamins and amino acid info if you can Sweet Rose and Know that you are going thru normal withdrawal. Hang in there! It gets better every day and try to stay distracted. It helps too.

Love and healing to all,

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by plamp, Jul 24, 2008
Ahh bronchitis...nooooo!=[ That's not cool.Must be the tramadols last ditch effort to try and break you haha=p. Water really does help headaches and sleeping problems, makes the headaches less intense and you are able to sleep easier which is great.

By the way,I got my EMG results back I have sciatica of L4 L5 and S1 radiculopathy.=[ Yuck. Oh well. Doctor asked me if I was taking any medication for the pain and I said no. He wanted to put me on tramadol 100mg three times a day but after reading my chart he found out that I put I was severly allergic to it on there^__^. Gotcha!. So he offered me other pain meds but I was like no ty and I just wanted physical therapy. So ill be starting that after I get back from vacation! Which I'm leaving for Mexico on monday WOOHOO.=]

Day 10 today was a breeze again, I see glimpses of the tramadol but its losing its hold over me without a doubt. Paul 1 Tramadol 0. And thats the way it will stay haha;p. Anyway, I guess I'm seeing the end of the w/d now without a doubt and I must say that Im starting to believe the people that claim full normalcy takes several weeks after all the physical and mental symptoms are diminished. *****, but everything is extremely tolerable now so idc=]

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by EmilyPost, Jul 24, 2008

That EMG *****, but GOOD WORK on getting it into your chart that you are allergic to Tramadol! Is your Radiculopathy only one sided? She asked, hopefully!

YAY! Mexico!!

Physical Therapy sounds like a great plan plus ... I mean you ARE strong ... six pack guy! You ran 5 miles .... I think you are doing great! Lotsa vitamins and water for you too!

Yes, the bronchitis is SOOoooo not cool. But at least I have no craving for Tramadol.

No one is happy I am not at work, but, I have to take care of my health. So they will have to do what I am doing and suck it up!

I'm so happy to know you are feeling good and that it is tolerable! You have taught us all a great deal!

Thanks Plamp!
Emily :)

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by plamp, Jul 24, 2008
Yeah its one sided just left leg, pain is sometimes severe but Im not going on norcos which is what doctor suggested after I told him tramadol was bs. Staying off medication is best way to deal with this problem in addition to physical therapy. Surgery is down the road no doubt, but way down the road haha I'll only be 19 in 3 days.=]

Yeah its ok your mising work theres nothing you can do. You have endured alot more than most of people could.Most people will never understand what you went though so you just gotta keep that positive attitude I bet your so close to returning back to full health just a little longer. *Hug*


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by seekingbetterdays, Jul 25, 2008
I just found a most interesting web page reciting some tramadol withdrawal suggestions.  Sounds interesting and informative, but I can not attest to its value.
Link is:

Take a look and see what you think.

One of the most interesting to me was the connection of the fatigue we all feel to the adrenal gland.  I'm no doctor of course, but wondering if (for instance) the temporary relief 'plamp' experienced during 'Dark Night' movie on second day (?) could be example of this.  By that I mean good action movie = extra adrenal action which counteracts effects.

Just offering it as an interesting point of view of some things that might help pre-cold turkey and post cold-turkey.  

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by EmilyPost, Jul 25, 2008

I think that was a very very very good article. THANK YOU! Very helpful!

I agree with the suggestion of adrenal fatigue. Mainly because I was diagnosed with it two years ago, and all the supplements you take to get it up and running again are ... alot of supplements.

Do I think Tramadol causes adrenal fatigue? Yes.

At this point I am practically made of Tuna fish sandwiches and bananas. And spinach. And water! And vitamins.

Love the research!!

One thing that is interesting to me is that this person who says he is a Doc, but you know ... welcome to the WWW .... he says that he has never seen a persons withdrawal from Tramadol?  That seems off.

But maybe all of us are allergic!? And scared by all the invalidation. I found far and few between personal accounts of Tramadol's Trip Thru Hell (the way out is at it's center says Dante) online. Maybe I am not looking in the right places.

Hmm ... BUT .... I guess Australia and Sweden figured it out.

Is that because of all the other answers below it all claiming it isn't a drug that makes one dependant or addicted? Are people like us, just too freaked out to say anything about Tramadol and we just withdraw alone? Or with small Internet groups like this one?

Yeah. Tramadol Withdrawal is awful. Well, we all learned that lesson.

Love and healing,

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by DeseretRain, Jul 26, 2008
"Are people like us, just too freaked out to say anything about Tramadol and we just withdraw alone? Or with small Internet groups like this one? "

Yeah, I'm not sure whom I would tell about my withdraw, other than friends and the internet...I don't really have a regular doctor. I totally did this to myself...I had a urinary tract infection long ago, and went to the emergency room for it, and they prescribed me Tramadol. After the prescription ran out, I just started buying Tramadol on the internet. It's pretty easy to get any prescription drug you want off of those online pharmacies. The reason I kept getting Tramadol from the online pharmacies is because I was basically using it recreationally. I liked it for the feeling it gave me when taking it...definitely a noticeable feeling of total calmness, relaxation, and peace. To me it felt like a much milder version of a Vicoden high. And I did have clinical depression at the time I started taking it, and it seemed to help with that. Well, when I say it helped...I was definitely still depressed, but it was like I no longer CARED so much that I was made me feel like, "Well, my life is miserable, but so what, it's all cool man!" So I can't really complain about it to anyone, since I chose to do it to myself.  

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by seekingbetterdays, Jul 26, 2008

I don't know about everyone here, but yes I fall into the 'secret' category.  

I kave been taking Tram for four years and have no good alibi to go with my status of ‘addict’ like some here do.

I feel secrecy is required because, unlike a criminal, an addict can never finish paying for the crime.  Even when recovered.  It is always assumed buy the public that 'clean' is temporary and an indelible stamp seems to go on the forehead of all who are discovered.  For this reason, I believe anyone who comes out of the closet on this is risking becoming one of societies 'unforgiven'.

While we can all be honest here among anonymous friends, the cold hard reality of adiction recovery seems much different.   There seems to be real consequences in disclosure in our 'reality lives'.

As they proverb says, the only way to keep a secret is to tell no one.  That has been my own personal practice during the past two weeks.  That includes my loving and supportive wife of 17 years who does not know.  This has been most difficult as we are partners, firends, and usually share all of life both good and bad.

My ‘stomach flu’ alibi took me a long way the first week.   When forced back to work and into social situations the second week (this week) I summoned all my strength and faked normal.  Did I pull it off? Probably not all of it, but most.  The Tramadol w/d continues to assault me wave-on-wave but is lessening each day.  Four years is a long time to be a Tram addict.

While I feel a great need for secrecy, I would tell a friend if it made the difference of making it out of this hell or not making it.  I would risk it all for that most valuable prize -- freedom from this drug.  Anything is worth the risk for that.

I hope you receive other commentary on this subject DeseretRain.  I offer this only as my own humble point of view.  I'm sure there a valuable insights from other wise ones who drift in and off 'EmilyPost's blog.

Wishing you peace and success!!

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by thumbelina03, Sep 12, 2008
I am barely on day 2 of tramadol withdrawal. My husband and i are doing it together. It all started out when i started to go to the doctor for severe leg pains that i have been having since childhood. The leg pains have gotten worse lately... the best way to describe it would be like a sharp and dull stabbing and burning pain! It prevents me from sleeping, moving, no energy.....ugh.....but now i wish i only had those symptoms.
SO, the Dr. did blood tests on me....everything came back fine....sent me to neuro... neuro asked questions, was puzzled, sent me for more tests....everything came back fine. so....
neuro decided i "might have" rls? NO! i don't think so....rls is twitchy annoying feeling in legs that get better with movement! Mine is a pain..not a creepy crawly feeling...and no movement helps! so he starts talking about MIrapex...another one of those drugs that should be rat poison! u know MIrapex is a drug for people with parkinsons...and they found that it helps some rls he kept talking about it like it was some sort of miracle drug and i was stupid for trying to say no to it...
the reason i said no was bcause i knew all about mirapex and how it makes you faint among other horrible things....yes just what i need to faint around my small children when i'm home alone!
so i got some tramadol from a family member, who had gotten it from mexico.  
tramadol? i asked looking in amazement at the little white pills, i did some research and i was really pleased! tramadol seemed like a godsend! it was safer to take than percocet and vicodin! and above all...NO ADDICTION! so i happily took some for leg pain when needed....but soon the leg pain started to get more and more frequent....and it felt more like elecricity then.....and i didn't know it was tramadol! i started to blame the birth control..(since it was the first time i was on it) and stopped the birth control....but the leg feeling just increased!!! and on top of that i started to have back pains almost daily! and whenever i would go 2 or more days without taking tramadol i would get this uneasiness in my  skin, like a creepy crawly feeling that made me feel restless and would give me anxiety and panic attacks.... CREEPY! and of course i would pop a tramadol to get rid of those feelings.  OH*MY*GOSH*  
i honestly did not even think i was husband would take one here and there for severe back pain....and he told me about all of the feelings he was feeling, and my jaw literally dropped! they were the same like mine! oh no!!!!!!! what have we done!!!!!!!!!!! we felt so ashamed of ourselves.....we had a family! and now we were addicts? we went both of us and took all of the tramadol pills and popped each one out and flushed it down the u know though... even though i realized what they were doing to me...i wanted to cry and drink the toilet water! i was so afraid of all of the aches and pains and the creepy crawly uneasy feelings that i knew i was going to get.....
so that it...quit cold turkey!
so i have been reading online about people who have taken them and found you...and have read all of the comment posts...and reality has hit me square in the face! the truth of what was really happening, and how horrible tramadol really was..... we had been taking them for almost 1 year....but no more.
and i am just so blessed to have my husband ( MY BEST FRIEND) in this together with me. it makes it so much easier. i cant wait until were back to the real "us" energy has ran away....
God Bless You guys

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by EmilyPost, Sep 12, 2008

It's Rat Poison.

(more later)

Love and Healing,

PS. The first 3-4 days will be the worst. By day 7 you will know you'll live, day 10 you may sleep. Try to read as much as you can. The journal is filled with useful tips! Yeah. A drug that makes you faint? No thank you!

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by Bulkster, Sep 22, 2008
I am finally able to write a posting at the beginning of day 11 of the hell prison that is Ttamadol withdrawal. My doctor had prescribed on 8- 50mg tabs of Devil Pill every day. Then, after 2 years he said he was not going to give me any more. Within 18 hours, I wish'd that I would die. I would pull myself off the floor every now and again to read these posts to give me something to hope for. I never thought life could be so bad, but after about day 6 or 7 I was ablt to begin funstion again. I still have some anxiety, nausia/headaches left, but nothing like day 1 or 2. I really thought I would die and actually wanted to. The only thing that helped at all was old music that I liked.
I would like to report this clown doctor who did this to me. He's a pain medicine doctor and my cousin died while under his care. I had a few ruptures disks in my back and that is why he was giving them to me. You figured he would at least have enough sense to switch prescriptions so I wouldn't get attiacted. Also, keep far, far away from a pill called Lyrica. He had given me that and I became addicted to that as well. The withdrawal from that was worse than the Tramadol. Doctors Buty their mistakes. Hopefully, I will one day be able to sleep at night again.

544292 tn?1268882668
by EmilyPost, Sep 22, 2008

Oh yes, I remember the crawl on the floor days. It will absoltely get better. I promise. I am ... a hundred? days out now and it gets better. I have herniated discs and nerve damage and guess what? My back stopped hurting to a level 8-10 and is now a steady 2-3. It was getting worse from taking tramadol.

I hope you will be able to read the rest of the posts

I am sorry that your cousin died under the "care" of a pain medicine Doctor. Would that they would listen huh?

Sending my VERY best to you Friend, I know what you are going thru.

Love and healing,

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by nan777, Sep 29, 2008
okay - hi.  i believe i just posted at the wrong spot because i have never done this on line chatting before.  believe me though - don't know how i got here weeks ago but saved in Favorites.  am back now and feeling gross.  long story as short as possible...i am a recovering alcoholic/addict of 20 yrs. - still no desire for alcohol or street drugs but....have an illness, and after a year of unable to figure out seizures, i ended up at the mayo clinic and was diagnosed with a type of encephelopathy.  drs. are not up on this so i've been an advocate for myself last few years.  their answer was a drug, which side effect put me on another drug, which side effect......yah you know.  after trying to live on 9 drugs i came to the conclusion to get off of them and i did October, 2007.  But....have to check in on my illness regularly, in which the illness gives me body pains, nausea, headaches (sometimes migraines), without any drugs.  i learned i COULD do it w/o drugs and was doing real well through February of 2008.  i went to my regular m.d. , told her about this, said i still have the symptoms but am dealing with them, ibuprofin, whatever.  she said i could take TRAMADOL if needed.  i asked twice if it was addictive.  Answer was "no - non-habit forming - non-addictive.  DANG i should have got on the computer then!!!  i took one and have been on them since 1/2 pill I took yesterday a.m. (it's now the next  night 9:00 p.m.).  Didn't sleep last night, can't lay still (thank God no one is in the same bed or i'd be kicking them) (I swear Vicodin was a breeze compared to this little monster).  i need people to ttalk me through this - it is NOT a pleasant experience to put it mildly.  Thank you for all i've read but thank you most for beig "real" i am so happy I have all of the above to read or I would cross way over crazy.  There's something in EVERYONE"S "post" i get something out of i can relate to.  I don't want these pills controlling my life again.  One compared to 9 should be easy but this has not been a treat. --- hope to sleep soon in the future and regain the real me which i so quickly lost again!  WANNA BE DRUG FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by nan777, Sep 29, 2008
.....oops.... and emily i hope you are doing great now - you've been through a lot more than i can imagine.  And Tramadol DOES give rather than take away more pain after awhile.  At one time i couldn't walk down stairs...felt like i should truly be admitted to a nursing home and i usually feel so young.  YES!!!  it is rat poison!!


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by thepianoman88, Dec 27, 2008
I just started withdrawing off tramadol Christmas day.  my left leg and lower back are killing me.  I can't sleep and i am very weak.  From what I am reading this is normal?

544292 tn?1268882668
by EmilyPost, Dec 27, 2008
Yes Painoman;

Very normal. Wll last 3-4 days at the worst.

That's Day 45 Again! of my journal ... it's the most active place yu can post an read and get advice.

I'm glad you decided to stop. There's many suggestions on what i just linked you to on how to minimize the symptoms. It's only going to be sucky for 3-4 days max .. by day 7 you will feel better and Day 10 I finally slept!

Hopefully we'll see you over on Day 45?

Love and Healing;

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by abuser, Feb 25, 2009
I've been on trams for 4 months now...I quit after 2 months, went about 10 days w/ no w/ds...But then started using again to get that high...I can seem to get to 48/60 hours w/ no physical w/ds, just bad anxiety...I always seem to use after 48 hours to get that instant "relief."

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by DavidM3, Feb 28, 2009

In early january i was given tramadol for a toothache.When that ran out i started taking my moms.Eventually i started taking them for pleasure.Before i decided i wanted to stop i was taking 6-8 pills a day.Wednesday evening around 5p.m. i took what i thought was going to be my last pill.By 4p.m. the next day my legs felt stiff as boards,i had lower bak pain,trouble breathing,anxiety,no energy,and vomiting.Ever since i've only taken two to three pills a day.I'm still so miserable,i can barely function.I have wierd dreams, i break down crying out of the blue,and no energy.I dont know if i should quit cold turkey because of my heart(i'm on metoprolol for an irregular heartbeat),I also take clonazepam for anxiety disorder and depakote for bipolar.I saw a substance abuse counselor and he said to taper off gradually and thats what i've been doing.Today I saw thisblog and read what other people are doing and it seems like everybody is going cold turkey.Idont know if i should try going cold turkey again or if i should stick to tapering off.Would it be safe to go cold turkey with my heart problem? If so what vitamins and foods will help get this **** out of my system? What can I take for the vomiting,the body aches(i cant take ibuprofen)and the sleeplessness.I never thought these so called pills would have these kinds of withdrawals.I quit vicodin easier than this.I sort of like the tapering off but i feel guilty when i have to take a pill.It feels like i'm giving myself an excuse to keep taking them.Thats why I want to know should i keep tapering off or do it cold turkey(assuming its not dangerous for my heart).I have a very supportive girlfriend and three beautiful kids which can help motivate me.Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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by togetherwecan, Mar 09, 2009
Hi all.....This is a terrific support. I am again tryingto stop and stay stopped. Last week I went 3 days and was starting to feel better but was drawn to using again over the weekend. Now I am out of pills and know it is time to stopand stay stopped. I leave on a business trip in 2 days (day 3 w/o tram) so I am hoping the worst will be over. Being out of town then goingon a cruise for 5 days should get me through to day 14. Any suggestions if I get the urge to jump ship to find more drugs? I am a recovering addict who also thought it was safe to take Tramadol. i should know better after 24 years in recovery that 1 of anything is too much and 1000 never enough!

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by tramaqueen, May 06, 2009
Been checking in periodically in order to bolster my journey through tramadol withdrawals. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this misery. I've taken tramadol for over 3 years and I've known for a long time that I needed to take the pills in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I'm at the point where I wish to be free of them, so I'm tapering off. I now take 1/8th of a pill per 24 hours. I started cutting down from 400-600mg per day 30 days ago. I have trouble sleeping, I feel exhausted most of the time, I feel like I want to leap out of my skin, and every now and then I just have a desire to break things or go running, screaming through the house. My boyfriend thinks I'm a wimp, because he never experienced any symptoms when he stopped taking them. That's why it's nice to check in with the folks here.  Thanks Emily, for this site.

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by Maddy27, Sep 09, 2009
I was in Mexico in July and I purchased Tramadol 100mg over the counter there for pain relief,  I wasn't feeling anything when I took them at first so I took 3 one night and I was a tiger in bed, I liked that.  Fast forward 2 months and zero Tramadol left, I was alittle agitated and had some fatigue, Today I just received 180 of the 100mg pills and I havn't taken any since 3rd week in Aug, so about 2 weeks now and after reading this, I might not.  These pills came from India and have no stamp on them, I afraid to take them.  

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by helpplease88, Jan 14, 2010
I don't know where to start or what to say. The only thing I can think is to keep typing so I don't sit here and cry anymore w/ the pain of this. I have been taking Tramadol for the last 2 years at least. I finally got to a point of feeling so guilty w/ the amount of money I had been spending on this drug. It wasn't doing anything for me anymore, but more what it would do when I stopped taking it. I am married and have three small kids. I loved how much time I could spend w/ them playing and keeping the house perfect for my husband on this drug. I decided to stop taking this finally b/c I was tired of sneaking around w/ this. I just finished 48 hours almost exactly of being clean and I hate EVERYTHING around me! I hate how I feel...I hate that I can't play w/ my 2 year old...and I hate feeling like I'm on deaths bed. At a point this morning I really wanted to die. I didn't sleep at all last night. B/c of my husbands job, I still have to "do my duties" during the day and he just doesn't understand how bad I feel. Typing is all I can handle right now. I hoping I can get up enough energy to lay my 2 year old down for her nap soon. I can't take anything to help me sleep b/c it makes me feel like I have bugs crawling in my stomach. IT WAS AWEFUL!
I don't want to give in. My family deserves me to be strong..but I honestly don't think I have it in me. I does help me reading all of your posts, b/c I feel so alone right now. My husband trys to be understanding, be doesn't have any idea how bad this really feels. Maybe writing on here will some how make me feel together with a group that knows what I'm going through. Thank you for listening to me babble.

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by JG525, Jan 14, 2010
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by chessgames56, Jan 30, 2010
Hi all the highest dose of Tramadol I can take now is 37.5 to 50 mg. Any more than that, and I feel terrible anxiety. Withdrawal from this dose involves a day or two of listlessness and mild flu-like symptoms. Since I'm very active and exercise a lot, I sleep about the same with a tab of Tylenol at night. Prior to this, I was on a 3 tab a day habit, still very active but losing weight, which I didn't like. I was definitely addicted. Coming off I felt terrible, like I had the flu. Even though I felt bad, I forced myself to work out. For the next few nights, I hated to go to bed. Restless legs drove me crazy. I have to say, without equivocation, it was the worst symptom of withdrawal. Now I go on and off small doses for indefinite periods when I have a big project to complete and need extra motivation. You see, I am severely hypothyroid, and even on 200 mcg of Thyroxine a day, it's not always enough. Tramadol does not make me sleepy at all, quite the opposite in fact, and helps equalize my energy levels. Perhaps the anxiety at higher doses is a godsend. I read that site on Yahoo that said this drug wasn't addictive, and I do not believe those people took it long enough or at high enough doses to know firsthand; they are just mouthing the official drug-company propaganda. One supplement that may help you here greatly is coenzyme Q-10, It did me. And after you are cold turkey for a day or two, try Saint John's Wart (not before due to the possibly of a serotonin flood). One more thing: exercise, exercise, EXERCISE if you are able. Hope this helps. Best wishes to all.

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by FinallyFred, Apr 07, 2010
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by crazydoglady12, Dec 26, 2014
I am on day 11 without Tramadol...I still am having small bouts of anxiety and weird skin with chills..I was taking 4 50 mg tabs a day for 12 yrs....My body slowly turned into junk...I went from being a vibrant person to a gal who could barely walk and got sick all the time...I recently went into the hospital for days because my heart was not working right..My pulse went 168 and drop to 60 blood pressure the same way....It was very very scary...My tri levels were 553 and bad cholestrol was so high they couldnt read past 353....While in the hospital they didnt give me the tramadol...They kept running into the room to check on me because my heart monitor was setting off alarms...Well Im on day 11 now and I tell you what I can run and jump and never felt better in yrs !!!!!!!!!!! I have used the Cell food...They sell it at any health store and on Amazon..I also changed my diet to all healthy foods..Chicken or seafood only for meat and lots of veggies...I have lost 16 lbs in just 30 days and expect to go down more..The swelling in my knees is GONE !!!!!!!! If you can go cold turkey for 4 days you got this....I used sleepy time tea at night to help sleep..It worked for me...I never lost one night of sleep. And I felt rested..Right now the sleepy thing gets me from time to time..Out of the blue I feel like I could just doze right off..So I will get up and move around until it goes away...And it does...I havnt been sick all month...I had caught every cold and flu on the planet while on tramaddol....I am getting my life back....UP YOUR ARZZ TRAMADOL...I WIN

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by Mkh3536, May 23, 2017
I've been reading through this blog a bit to see how everyone was dealing with kicking Tramadol. Right now I'm on day 6 and doing actually a lot better than I thought I'd be doing. Of course I have a bit of history with pain meds. About 10 years ago I was in 2 severe auto accidents that caused extensive damage to my neck, back & hip. In the hospital I was give morphine for the pain & when I recovered sufficiently, I was given a script for Oxycodone 10/325. Since the accidents I've always been in severe pain & deemed disabled. I took the Oxy for 6 years & got tired trying to live my life around, when is my next does coming & when do I get more? I got addicted to them as they are very strong & give you this wonderful bliss feeling that you just have got to get. At first I was doing ok but as time wife on, the effectiveness diminished. I ended up consuming up to 8 pills a day and that was just crazy. I finally got fed up with the lifestyle & went cold turkey. I won't go into the details of that horrid experience but I'll tell you that it was the absolute worse thing I've ever been through in my life. I did quit for a year & a half and took absolutely nothing for the horrible pain I was going through. I finally got to a point where I was so miserable that I went to my doctor & told him what I was going through. He told me about Tramadol & that it was not a narcotic & that I wouldn't have problems with it. I started taking 8 50mg pills per day & it did help the pain. So again after awhile it became less effective & I had to Strat taking more to handle the pain. Within 2 years I was up to 12 50mg pills a day. I took Tramadol for 4 years and finally got fed up with that lifestyle too. I had essentially ended up in the same boat with a different drug. So 7vdays ago I went cold Turkey again. The first day was rough and I had cilks, that electric buzz you get & started sneezing. I was also restless & could not sleep at all that night. Day 2 wasn't as bad but I was exhausted and still couldn't sleep. My legs got a bit restless but nothing like the hell of Oxycodone. Day 3 got a lot better & I was able to sleep a solid 5 hours without waking up. Days 4 & 5 got even better & I was sleeping up to 6 hours with no restlessness, granted I was still exhausted but able to do more & get out of the house. Today was day 6 and I felt very normal but still tired. So far this has been a lot better than the Oxy. I did learn some tricks that helped me make it through the Oxy

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by Mkh3536, May 23, 2017
That I've used with the poison that is Tramadol. First load up with fruits, fruit drinks, all the vitamins you can get your hands on, light easy to fix healthy foods & sweets. Also load up on a nasal decongestant that you can use in the middle if the night when you wake up & can't breath through your nose. Also load up on over the shelf sleeping pills, Melatonin and a good decongestant. All these things will make it easier for you to deal with the withdrawal annoyances. I know that it has helped me a lot. Another thing that helps is exercising, getting your mind off of the situation by reading, playing guitar or some sort of instrument or listening to music which helps exercise the brain and reconnect the neuroconnections that Tramadol has totally messed up. I'm feeling normal after a week of this & U really hope the methods I found that work for me will help others here. The most important thing is to have a positive I'm going to power through this thing attitude. Push yourself as much as you can & you'll find you'll recover faster rather than be on the floor withering in a fetal position. Keep you brain busy & as far away as possible from the Tramadol withdrawl thoughts. I'm stopping the meds completely this time. I'll never take them again because it just is not worth it. It all comes down to the fact that you won't be able to take the pills all your life. Eventually they will dry up because of GOVT crackdown on meds, Doctors who stop prescribing, relocation or many number of reasons. It's simply better to stop now and get clean. This attitude has helped me & I hope it helps others here as well. Best of luck my friends! You can do this!

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