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Ouch Ouch Itch Itch and a few moans to do along with it all

Apr 19, 2010 - 1 comments

Yes it is one of those days for me today. My arms are itching and driving me crazy but there is no rash, bites, or anything else that could be causing the itch. My legs are aching at a level 20 out of ten. My hips at a good 9 out of ten and barely able to walk. Even my vision is lousy today.  It is like everything is out of whack today. But I am really hoping it is this bad tomorrow when I see my Neuro. Usually I am in pretty good relative shape when I see him. On the other hand if I am this bad will I be able to even make the 2 hour trip up to Nashville and take a 2.5 hour delay between the MRI and the Neuro Appointment? I would really like a neuro to see me at my worse though.

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by rendean, Apr 19, 2010
Sending wishes that you  sleep well tonight then feel well enough to drive. As the day wears on , THEN I hope your symptoms present like they did today. The best of both worlds...just tell your body to behave until you get to Nashville ;-)

Feel better and let us know what the neuro says.


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