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Apr 19, 2010 - 2 comments

Had Injections All over my body for pain on Saturday, this time a lot more than ever. They have made me feel so so painless, its brilliant. Im back to being human again. Wish it could last forever. I know it cant, at least this time im ready for the dreaded monster to come back!

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by TrudieC, Apr 19, 2010
So glad they worked.  How does it feel when they're doing them?

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by Jax1964, Apr 19, 2010
Hi Trudie,
Lovely to hear from you. Hope your well babes=0)
The injection are rather big to say the least but i get sedated, not totally sedated but enough so i dont feel the injection, to be honest babes i cant really say how they feel when they are doing them coz im that sedated i dont feel anything only joy and happiness when im walking with no aids to my mum in the waiting room, they work instantly. The following morning i feel a bit bruised and ache a little but not in a pain sense of aching, sounds a bit silly that but you dont have pain just a bit stiff. The day after that you feel amazing......NO PAIN......Just feel wonderful=0)

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