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Jan 11, 2016 - 9 comments

Blessed to be Clean & Sober for many yrs now but this still hurts and I just want to know..Ha!

"Heaven" lyrics


Save me from this prison
Lord, help me get away
'Cause only you can save me now
from this misery

I've been lost in my own place
and I'm getting' weary
How far is heaven?
And I know that I need to change
my ways of livin'
How far is heaven?
Lord, can you tell me?

I've been locked up way too long
in this crazy world.
How far is heaven?
And I just keep on prayin', Lord
And just keep on livin'.
How far is heaven?

Lord, can you tell me?
How far is heaven?
'Cause I just got to know how far, yeah?
How far is heaven?
Lord, can you tell me?

Tú que estás en alto cielo,
Échame tu bendición
[English translation:
[You, who are in high heaven,.......(This is my PRAYER! Vickie)
Send me down your blessing]

'Cause I know there's a better place
than this place I'm livin'.
How far is heaven?
And I just got to have some faith
And just keep on giving.
How far is heaven?
Yeah, Lord, can you tell me?
How far is heaven?
'Cause I just gotta know how far, yeah?
How far is heaven?
Yeah, Lord, can you tell me?
how far is heaven?
'Cause I just gotta know how far?
I just wanna know how far?

Thanks to llbgal01, Aerdna24, katcat66 for correcting these lyrics.

    A-Z Lyrics L LOS LONELY BOYS Lyrics

"Los Lonely Boys" (2004)


I have been walking outside and talking to my God as I look up at the stars. Been 2 yrs for Dad & Father-in Law..and 2yrs this month for my Boy and 2yrs next month for my Mom and yrs yrs for many others too. I KNOW WE ALL GRIEVE FOR OUR LOSSES! I just wish I could take the Stairway to Heaven for the day to say High!!!!

RIP..I SO Miss U ALL! I miss talking with you and ALL of your smiles and friendship. Whiteface,....Summerain misses you so much she has lost part of her Spirit since you went on. I keep telling her that ALL OF YOU are with God now and some day we will see each other again. Just SO SO SAD for me right now..This will ease in TIME..Been through it SO many times but not like this. It only makes us Stronger to go on!!!!!

Mom remember what we talked about? I sure wish you can send me another message!!! I need one now and you know my hearts questions.

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495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Jan 11, 2016
I heard something the other day that stuck in my head.  We should be celebrating the times they had on earth.  I know how it is to grieve and the pain that comes with it.  I also know that others are affected by our emotions.  You speak of Summerain and how she is still grieving.  Our pets feel things we dont even realize.  She sees you being sad and feels it.  How about taking some time just with her, to play, to take both your minds off what is hurting you both.  I think if you take that extra time it will help the both of you.  Celebrate his legacy my friend, that is what we wants~

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by msdelight, Jan 11, 2016
Vicky my heart hurts so much reading this. Sarah is right about our pets reflecting our emotions....
So much has changed so quickly. Your daily life routines have all been turned upside down. There is a hole and you must fill it up with good and wholesome things. Have you thought about maybe getting a puppy? A sweet cute baby pup that could make you smile even when you don't want to? He will sure keep you busy and breathe life into the older dogs. Just a thought. You know how much we love you right?
Listen closely and you will hear mama answer your prayer. Stay strong. Stay courageous.
Love you girl!

5986700 tn?1380791380
by spider6, Jan 12, 2016
I love Sarah and Laura's posts.....beautiful angels you all are.  Prayers Vic, I feel your pain.  You are so strong, all of you women.  I do look up to you all.  Love and prayers xoxoxo ((((8))))

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Jan 12, 2016
Today is a MUCH better day!! I did have a friend tell me to be happy for the Time we had together and not the time we do not have right now. I know this, but I still miss walking right over to my Moms trailer when I needed some hard core advice and also with my Dad. In the Summer both Summerain & Moose go with me every day to the rivers or lakes. It took Summerain over a yr to go out again. They are getting old and do not go for rides every day like they did. Summerain has her moods swings too. YES..I try NOT to cry around her at all but tell her she is doing so good and is very healthy. She does understand every word I say. Wow! They sure are smart these boarder-collies!

I was just listening to that CD yesterday and it hit me. I know that both DS & Msd just lost there Moms too. SO we are in the same boat. My Mom was my best friend for over 58yrs and she new everything about me. She was called the COOL mom and every body adopted  Whiteface just had this smile on his face all the time and was very happy and full of energy. However, when he got sick he took it like a Man and knew he was ill. OMGosh I do not even go there in my head. My Step Dad always had such great advice too. He would always tell me to slow down or calm down or I am going to have a Heart Attack..well he was right! They both would tell me how different I was when I got clean and how they could see the light back in my eyes. I really miss their Support too. Oh Well soon I will be with them, but not yet, as my life has just started over..Thanks Girls!

PS..This song gets me Dancing and Singing. The whole tape is GOOD!!!

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Jan 12, 2016
I wondered for a long time, along with tons of self pity about why me in losing my parents.  Why didnt i get to see them grow much older.  I envied the people who would be with their parents.  I cried when i saw a grown daughter with her dad or out shopping with their mom.  I hated those people as it just wasnt fair. I lost my precious beagle and my sacred kitty that i inherited from my dad. I always told my dad he was going to have to go with me when that time happened.   How was i to make it in this big crazy world without them.  My head would pound, i would cry, i would get angry and i would shut down.  I waited for signs from them and during those crazy moments there was nothing.  I talked to Lesa about this(i love that woman) and she said to sit quietly and in those moments i will hear them, so i did and i heard them.  They live within us now, their advice comes to the surface in my daily living.  Their bodies are no longer present but their spirit lives on.  When i started to realize all of this i found some peace.  Do i miss them?  Yes and it is still painful but i hear their voices, their laugh and i feel their love.  It is our time to shine my friend.  It is our time to pass their legacy on.  Love and hugs~

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Jan 12, 2016
AWESOME Big Mama Grasshopper.
Lots of TRUTH to this reply!  I sure will take it to Heart Forever~!!!
In them times I sit real still, I can hear them whispers and feel the warmth.

I put on some old albums today and lots of GREAT memories gave me such a natural high that I was just dancing and singing, as I did lots of chores. GREAT DAY!!!

One of the songs did talk about a old man..Called Pass it on by Marshall Tucker Band.

May the LORD be with...xoxoxoxox
HUGS Back!!!

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Jan 13, 2016
wow that is very cool Sarah.  

I love you Vickie.  I'm sorry for when you feel sad but i am happy that i see that indomitable spirit rise up in you again!!!



495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Jan 13, 2016
I love to listen to 4 non blondes Whats Going On when i get down.  I also love the Traveling Wilburys End of the Line.  Then when i feel better i get out some Judas Priest Turbo Lover and Iron Maiden Run to the Hills, turn it up loud and rip off the knobs!!!  We have 6 Bose speakers in the living room so this house gets to rockin~~

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, Jan 14, 2016
HELP..Better watch what I ask for..After I put this last reply in the computer (that belong to my mom)  will NOT turn on. I had to put my old on in and go through a bunch a BS. I know what is wrong as it had happen to my Mom & I before. Just got to take it in. AND then out of the blue the Electric went out and all other things around here went nuts. I called them from a pay phone that I had to slip & slide to get to in the snow down the road and they said my card did not go through.Impossible I said, but drove all the way back up to get Hubs check book and go back to that phone booth, again it did not go through. I almost thought I was going to choke right there. I waited and waited in the Cold freezing weather for almost 45 mins the second time. WELL, I got home and it was on the electric. They called and said both had gone through but it was on there end. I told her I was just rushing with anxiety and that I now can go out and split some kindling. It was all due to the New Meter they put in and it did not get the last payment. OH!! I am MAD!!! I will get over it but it seemed to have messed my computer up and the phone.

I thought that if I had to wait and go down there the next day, then maybe that was a message to sit still and read until night time and light the candles and other light things we have. OMGosh what a rush and NOT good for someone with a Heart Issue..It took me hours and hours of rocking to calm down. **** and the lady who was apologizing said she felt so upset too, that she would go have a Beer if she could..What!!! A Beer! WTF how do you think I feel and what this put me through. Well next time there will BE NO next time..I just do not like my old computer at all but Blessed to have a back up..See Ya when I can!! LOL or lol--Lots of Love.

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