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Jul 24, 2008 - 3 comments

I have been with hubby to be for just over a year, we have been trying to get pregnant and was having no luck.  Then my periods stopped, for 6 months i did not get my period.  We thought we finally succeeded and went to the doctor.  She did the test and it was negative, turns out i have Policystic Ovaries.  I was devastated.  Then she gives me a hormone injection and tells me i WILL get my period in about 10 to 15 days.  After 24 days i still did not have my period, but started picking up weight terribly, my breasts were really sore and i was not feeling well.  I went back to her and she redid the scan.  Turns out the injection aggrevated the cysts.  I was told my chances of ever falling pregnant were really slim.  I was devastated, i am getting married in a few weeks time and i get this news now?  I wanted to call off my wedding.  I dont want to put my hubby through this.  He loves children and i know how much he wants a baby.  He reassured me that he will stick by me through everything (i love him so much).  I then called my mom and burst out in tears.  i told her what happened.  She calmed me down and when she cut the call she phoned our family Gynie and told him what happened.  He flipped out and told me to get my but home.  Aparantly she was not supposed to inject me, i was supposed to get 5 tablets to take.  He told me when i get home he has booked me for a D&C.  He said after that i will be able to fall pregnant.  He will give me some tablets to take to help me get pregnant.  I am so confused and so emotional right now.  I love my hubby to bits but i dont want him to enter a marraige where there might be a chance that he cannot have a baby.  I know he loves me and he is prepared to stand by me but i dont know what to do.  I am getting married in exactly 23 days.  What do i do?  I dont want to lose him, i also dont want to deny him the pleasure of his own child?  Right now all i can do is pray that i fall pregnant after the D&C.


By the way, its been about 28 days after the injection and about 7 months since my last period.  my breasts are really sore and itchy, i have severe cramps and cant sleep at night.  My moods have become worst, i am extremely emotional and really frustrated.  I feel like bouncing off the walls.  8-<

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568069 tn?1219067562
by saniya408, Jul 24, 2008
there are always other ways to have a baby i think that you husbands loves you no matter what and if he is there though all of this then hes going to be there always.Good luck with everything. what i always tell my friends that are trying to have kids stop trying then it wil help when you least accept

558483 tn?1321391043
by LadyTiger, Jul 24, 2008
He is in it for the long hall....I to have PCOS and my doctor put me on birth control  for 1 cycle. Then he put me on Clomid.. I got pregnant within 2 months i was pregnant with # 1 but at 5 and half weeks i had a miscarriage....But we got pregnant i never started my cycle again after the miscarriage..then we found out we were pregnant again with baby #2...well i went to the hospital with light spotting and they done an ultrasound and was able to see a heartbeat i was still scared they called it a Threatening Miscarriage well my heart is heavy again i had another miscarriage at 1:10 am today i was 6 weeks pregnant again...but the doctor says we can try again after another cycle....So keep your head up and ask about CLOMID you only take it for 5 days during your cycle....Good Luck to you

569725 tn?1226551211
by CJ85, Jul 24, 2008
Thank you to both of you.  Your advice really makes me feel better.  As for you, Ladytiger, my condolences to you and allot of baby dust thrown your way.  You helped me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you

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