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This guy said this worked....I'll keep in case of emergency

Jul 24, 2008 - 0 comments

by oc40isbad

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, Jul 17, 2008 09:49PM
Hey guys. I'll outline what I did below:

I tapered down to roughly 40mg of oxycontin per day until I had 1 40mg pill remaining. I split it into quarters, and planned on using the quarters when things got too rough. (Only ended up having to do that once).

Anyway. On the first day of withdrawals, I loaded up bigtime on L-Tyrosine. I took about 2500mg with 200mg of Vitimin B-6. You're supposed to take this firt thing in the morning before you eat. I also took a bunch of Potassium Gluconate. This seemed to work fine. Then the second day came.

On the night of day 2, I was having terrible trouble sleeping. RLS, hot and cold sweats, shivering, etc. I took 90mg of dextromethorphan (CVS branded Maximum Strength Flu Relief, basically generic coricidin. Each tablet contains 15mg of the stuff. So I took six.

Let me tell you that it basically numbed the withdrawal effects. My legs stopped cramping and being restless, I could sleep, AND the sweats were gone.

That DXM really lingers, so don't take too much. You'd be impressed with how long it lasts. It's a disassociative (like pot), which seems to work well with opiate withdrawals

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