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Apr 20, 2010 - 0 comments





maternity and Child



So, I woke up this a.m. w/ 55 mgdl reading for my bloodsugars.  Ate a 1/2 mug of cereal and milk and had a coffee w/ fat-free hazelnut.  I took 1.5 units of insulin to make up for the low.  At 10:33am, bloodsugar was 284, so I took 4 units of insulin to bring it back down.  This is exactly what I'm trying to avoid-- too lows and too highs.  Must really get a CGM for this-- I so don't want to hurt my baby!  

I have a headache.  I'm at work and 7 month pregnant co-worker is going around having us sign her petition to appeal our employer's denial of her 6-month maternity leave and her husband's subsequent 6-month paternity leave, which he would take after she comes back.  (He also works here.)  I can understand their denial, but it is hedging on the unreasonable side because they are both entitled to leave as they are the parents!  Management's reason is that we have a backlog of cases that need to be worked.  OMG- we've always had a backlog of cases even when we had more employees here (prior to a voluntary lay-off).  Management needs to chill.  I hope this doesn't happen to me-- I want to take at least 5 months off (6 months is the max).  

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