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levator ani syndrome / rectal spasm

Jan 13, 2016 - 4 comments

levator ani syndrome


rectal spasm




prolapsus ani

   I belong to a small town from India, I had hemorrhoid dectomy in April 2014 and since then I am continuously suffering from terrible constant rectal pain and extreme straining bowel movement . Sitting, walking, Everythig became impossible for me. Every time, every Dr. Declaired it notthing except mere constipation. I lost all hopes in my life.
Then I determined to diagnosis and to cure this problem myself own. After to much hunting efforts , at last I come to knew that I am a victim of Levator ani syndrome, IBS and prolapsus ani. I was not alone and unique . it is almost an incurable disorder.  I have got a lot of information about Levator ani syndrome from various web sites including Wise Anderson's Protocol . Following symptoms of my disorder matches with the list of symptoms given by them -
My Symptoms -
I always feel restless , irritated and short tempered.
the stomach feels distended, All food taken into the stomach seems to turn into flatus. constant rectal pain. Completely unable and unfit for any work. Life has become almost impossible ...... a great misery.

Rectal spasm
• rectal spasm during and after bowel movement. Even soft & loose stool passes with great straining.
Rectal prolapse
• occurs partial rectal prolapse because of staraining during bowel movements.
Sitting pain
•        Sitting triggers or exacerbates discomfort/pain/symptoms
•        Sitting is one of the great sufferings and scares in pelvic pain and makes all aspects of normal life difficult
•        Sitting pain usually starts out milder in the morning but after sitting through the day, there is increased discomfort that lasts into the night. Very miserable.
Discomfort or relief after a bowel movement•        Relief after a bowel movement occurs temporarily when the tight pelvic muscles relax
•        Discomfort after a bowel movement . The post bowel movement pain triggers symptoms more strongly for the rest of the day.
•        Once the stool passes through the relaxed anal sphincter and out of the body, the internal anal sphincter reflexively closes.  That is, the anal sphincter tightens up more than it was tight before the bowel movement and sometimes appears to go into a kind of painful spasm
Symptoms migrate or change location•        Sometimes pain or sensation will appear in one part of the pelvis or abdomen and then the next day it is elsewhere
Heat (hot bath or shower, heating pad) helps temporarily•        Hot water or heat often helps temporarily,  
Cold weather and cloudy weather flares up symptoms .
Urinary Frequency and Urinary Urgency•        There is typically a feeling of something always nagging in the bladder/urethra/genitals and typically after someone urinates, patients report that they don’t feel ‘emptied’ after urination and are left with the feeling of having to urinate again even though there is little to urinate
•        The sense of relaxation one feels after normal urination when there is no pelvic pain is not there.
•      Sometimes discomfort or burning during urination associated with pelvic floor dysfunction
Nocturia (frequent urination at night)Reduced urinary stream and hesitancy of urination .
Have to wait to initiate a stream of urine
Perineal pain (pain between the anus and scrotum )  Pain or discomfort during or after ejaculation•        Increased discomfort hours or the day after sexual activity .
Genital pain (penile pain in men)•      some times pain at the tip and shaft of the penis is a common symptom
•      penile pain is sometimes accompanied with a redness at the tip
Testicle pain or discomfort
•        Testicular pain/discomfort is particularly miserable and scary
•        Pain/discomfort is felt in one testicle or another
•        Sometimes the cremaster muscles pull up the testicles or penis, especially when the anal sphincter is sore and this can be very disconcerting                  
Coccyx (tailbone) pain
•        It is typically referred pain from the pelvic floor or muscles attached to the tailbone and not from the tailbone itself
Low back pain (on one side or both)•        Discomfort can be on one side or another or migrate from one side to another

CT Scan, MRIs, X-ray, fail to detect anything problematic in those with muscle based pelvic pain
Reduced libido (reduced interest in sex)•    reduced libido is a mix of anxiety, reduced self-esteem and pelvic pain which all mitigate against sexual arousal and sexual interest, and resolution of pain and dysfunction of the pelvic muscles usually resolves reduced libido
Anxiety about having sex and ‘erectile dysfunction’•        Because sex can be painful or painful afterward, there is often a conditioned withdrawal from having sex to avoid pain
Anxiety and catastrophic thinking•        The most difficult part of pelvic pain tends to be the catastrophic thought that it will never go away
•        Anxiety and catastrophic thinking distracts patients’ attention away from life and paints an unacceptable picture of the future
Depression•   The thought that it will never go away triggers depression
•        Where doctors cannot help and one sees no light at the end of the tunnel, depression and/or anxious depression is the rule rather than the exception
Social withdrawal and difficulty in intimate relations•        Social withdrawal results from chronic pain and distracts from any enjoyment of the moment
Impairment of self-esteem
•        Self-esteem almost always goes down with this pelvic pain
Sleep disturbance•        Sleep disturbance is common, either wake up to urinate or wake up because of pain and anxiety
Stress increases pain•        ordinary stresses as well as extraordinary stresses tend to increase symptoms
•        when stress has triggered pelvic pain, the stress tends to triggers the tension-anxiety-pain-protective guarding cycle that continues after the stress has gone
Helplessness and Hopelessness•        Helplessness and hopelessness is the real suffering with this chronic pelvic pain.

After knowing that I am suffering from IBS, levator ani syndrome and prolapsus ani, I read dr. Sarno's book 'Healing back pain', very attentively. Really this book is a Bible of TMS. It made me understood the disorder deeply but as Dr. Sarno himself says that it is an involentery action of muscles and nerves, A cruel trick created by unconscious mind to relaxed itself from all its burden so one can not do much with it volentery. You can not dodge your own mind for a long time to feel it relaxed. As soon as it finds chance, it atonce aggravates the symptoms again , thus it is almost an incurable condition.
Tired of trying all possible remedies for it including alopathy drugs, surgery, ayurveda, herbs, yoga, physical exercises, massages, spiritual prayers and all and all, I left hope. I accepted the fate with a life, all time suffering from constant pelvic and rectal pain. Completely disabled person......
By the blessings of god, one of my acquainted suggested me to try homeopathy treatment. As being a curious person I my self tried to get information about muscle spasm remedies in homeopathy and to my wonder, it has all solutions of this painful monster disorder since last 200 years.
I consulted an well experienced local homeopath for my problem on this 21st December 2015. He started my treatment with only three or four medicines.
I was almost unable for even a short walking or sitting or travelling at that time but at present I have approximately 60 to 70% relief. Now I am going on my 8 hours job regularly and all others outdoor works with a slight, tolerable pain. According to my dr. It will take 3 to six months time for a complete and permanent recovery

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by RivetingOne, Feb 06, 2016
"He started my treatment with only three or four medicines."

What are the 3 or 4 medicines you are using now?

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by dashanan, Feb 07, 2016
I was given at first Chel, Nux V and Carbo Veg and now Nux, Ruta and Sulphur , in different potencies and doses. I personally advise everyone that one should not try any homeopathic medicine without consulting a proper Doctor.  

Homeopathy doesn't cure a disease indeed, it cures patient. According to the symptoms, psychological factor, life style, personality and characteristics, there are dozens of homeopathic remedies for a single disorder/disease so it shouldn't be tried by any one, ownself. Homeopathic medicine does not harm you at all because they are very natural and has no side effects like Alopathic but a wrong remedy may aggravate or worsen the symptoms so before taking any medicine, must consult a doctor. Just for knowledge , You can check these remedies on these sites
Nux Vomica. - A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL MATERIA MEDICA By John Henry CLARKE, M.D. Presented by Médi-T ®
Ignatia. - A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL MATERIA MEDICA By John Henry CLARKE, M.D. Presented by Médi-T ®

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by Shounakchhotu, Nov 29, 2016
Where did you find the doctor??? Please help me.

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by dashanan, Dec 26, 2016
Sorry brother to inform you that I couldn't follow that treatment for necessary period.
Because of levator problem and cronic fissures the interior sprinter went in to spasm and I had to strain hard during bowel movement for long time,it worsen my conditions and I became the victim of prolapsus ani and horrible bleeding haemorrhoids. I went through surgery again (MIPH) IN 2 JUNE 2016.
Now I am some what beter then before but still suffering from some fissures.Dr. has strictly prohibited to strain during bowel movements and I am following it strictly, this is an key to this disorder.

one thing which I understood during all this period is that levator ani syndrome is totally base on mental conditions. So don't try to seek its medical treatment, all is in vain. If you take my advise ....first of all , forget all things, all knowledge related to this levator syndrome. Go and get an appointment with a learned psychiatrist. He will prescribe you brain relaxing pills for stress, anxiety or any other mood diorder. This will cure this syndrome in right way.

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