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Jan 16, 2016 - 0 comments

I mean wisdom. Maybe. Taking Rusty to Pinky Poo, the groomers where he will get his nails cut and his rear-end glands expressed. Certain breeds need this when they start sliding (Doing his wheel-barrel impression) on the carpet, it is time to go. $10 does it for both jobs plus a tip.

It is raining :) here in Sac. after four years with not a drop, it is a welcome site. We really need every drop we can recover. Michael needs to get out and mow today, our grass is thriving.

Reading with sadness about the lady from Chicago who was on vacation in Belze who was raped and murdered, after she took her yoga matt out on a dock to do some excerise. I guess she wanted to go horse-back riding but they did not have enough horses so she was killing an hour or two. She was a beautiful girl, I guess she was traveling alone. I also read about a real estate agent who was set up to "show" a place and was raped and murdered. Horrible. Safety in numbers, don't do anything alone. Or keep some good personal protection.

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